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Felt Ball Slingshot Ammo - Qty 5

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These biodegradable polished clay balls are the perfect outdoor ammo. Approximately 65 1/2 inch balls in a bag. Knocks over cans and breaks bottles easily. Also has a satisfying plunk when you hit your mark. They are reusable against softer targets but will likely break apart against hard targets.

Quantity: This is for a bundle of 5 Felt Packs. $3 for each Felt Pack.

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Minimum $75
San Francisco, CA
My name is Adam Gray and I grew up in the woods of Northern California. I’m the middle child of 3 red headed brothers and got my first slingshot when I was 4 years old. We had a hay bale target range in back that we directed a growing arsenal of projectile weapons at. We had bows, crossbows, BB guns, 22’s and paintball guns but the slingshot was tops. Stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike, it leads to endless amusement and mischief. If we weren’t shooting targets and cans we were playing tag, building forts and staging mock battles or swimming in the lake.
Felt Ball Slingshot Ammo - Qty 5