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Fermentation Weight 5" Ceramic

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Ceramic Fermentation Weights for Pickling and Fermenting.

Each two-piece weight measures approx. 5" diameter. 375+ g

When you need something heavy and round that will weigh down your homemade ferments, these ceramic pickle weights will be the perfect thing! Designed with a hole in the center to let the bubbles escape, and high-fired to resist absorbing liquids. Decorative pyramid design.

Unglazed. Dishwasher safe, and food safe (of course!).

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Sienna Ceramics

Minimum $130
Los Molinos, CA
Sienna Ceramics makes artisan fermentation supplies, and field-to-table pottery based on the seasons - wild and cultivated ceramics for your kitchen, rituals, and feasts. Bestselling fermentation weights and kitchen witch charms! I am inherently inspired by food plants, foraging, and the local, farm-to-table movement which connects us to the natural cycles of the year, and ancestral methods of food preservation.