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Full Of It! - Conversation Starters for Horrible People and Dirty Liars

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Conversation Starters for Horrible People and Dirty Liars

Starts conversations you might regret but will never forget!

Normal icebreakers are boring. Skip the lame stuff and get straight to weird stuff.

No one cares about where you went on your favorite vacation or where you grew up. People want to know about that time you almost got arrested or the worst thing you've ever done to a sibling.

Includes 71 conversation starters such as:

  • Have you ever gone streaking?
  • What is the biggest lie you've told to get out of a date?
  • What have you done that made a child cry?

Looking for couples gifts, road trip games, or date night ideas? Full Of It is perfect for any situation where you need to get people talking.

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New Albany, OH
Jordan McLaughlin founded his company, Rookie Mage Games, in 2018 to bring his passion for rambunctious fun to others. Born and raised in Central Ohio, Jordan was the kid that organized the superhero games at recess and made his cousins perform in plays he wrote (which they loved but refuse to admit it). Jordan watched his first scary movie at a friend’s house when he was 14 (don’t tell his parents). He was instantly hooked and quickly became a fan of slasher flicks from the 80’s. Jordan worked late evenings at the public library to create his first game, DON’T GET STABBED! He designed the mechanics, created the artwork, and planned production himself. After the success of Don't Get Stabbed, Jordan has dedicated himself to creating new and creative ways for friends and families to gather around a table and have some fun. Jordan currently resides in New Albany, Ohio with his partner Alex, who is really tired of being forced to playtest new game ideas all the time.
Full Of It! - Conversation Starters f...