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Geranium Moisturizing Flower Water | 100% pure first distillation geranium hydrosol - Geran

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Geranium hydrosol or flower water is expertly crafted from stems, leaves and flowers of a geranium plant. It is vapor-distilled, which means that all benefits of healing geranium are naturally preserved in the water naturally.
  • impressive natural skin hydrator
  • alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • reduces skin redness, skin irritation & inflammation
  • great for all skin types
    It is easy and effective to use on all skin types and is best to spray directly on the skin area that needs some care (after waxing, after peels, sunburn, any procedures that make skin angry and irritated, reducing inflammation and just simply to keep it moisturized.

    You cannot misuse or overuse it. Spray Geran directly onto skin and massage it into skin for it to absorbs the water better.

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