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Experience the luxury and beauty of our ultra-soft Glowing Facial Cloth.

The first step to beautiful skin is proper facial cleansing. Our Glowing Facial Cloth is designed to nurture and support even the most sensitive complexions by gently sweeping away makeup, dirt and environmental debris with ease.

Unlike disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads, your towel can be used over and over again- making it an eco-friendly, more sustainable, healthier option for you and the planet.

After years of searching for the perfect facial cloth to accompany our Heal All Oil cleansing ritual and Instant Glow Facial Mask, we finally have the golden secret. The dark, plush color was chosen to allow hundreds of oil cleanses, facial masks, and  makeup removal washes without stain.

Ritual- For oil cleansing- apply Heal All Oil to dry skin and gently massage into skin for several seconds. Get the towel nice and wet with warm, not hot water and gently wipe the oil off your skin. Repeat as needed. For facial steam- get the towel nice and hot and gently place the towel on your face and press into the skin for several seconds to deliver a natural steam. We recommend this step prior to the Instant Glow Facial Mask application. Then use the towel again for a flawless removal of the mask. Can also be used by itself or a cleanser of your choice- just add warm water and the towel will effortlessly capture makeup and debris from the skin.

- Luxurious, eco-friendly, premium microfiber made from recycled water bottles 

- Comes in a pack of 2 with a reusable 100% cotton mesh bag

- Oversized and extra plush, each cloth measures 11 x 11 inches

- Includes a hang tag to air dry in between uses

- Effectively captures steam and makes washing your face a joyous self-love ritual

Care instructions- May be used multiple times between washes. Machine washable.

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Minimum $126
Topanga, CA
A holistic, sustainable, non-toxic, cruelty-free skincare + wellness line to inspire rituals of self-love and give you an everlasting glow. Created by Jesse Golden.