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Gray Flip Folding Slingshot (pack of 5)

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This Slingshot is the real deal. It’s just like the Wrist Rocket style slingshots you played with as a kid, but with an added touch of grown-up design. Each slingshot features an aluminum fork, wrist brace and handle. A faux leather projectile pouch and an adjustable wrist strap. At 5.5 oz it’s ultra lightweight and ideal for your next outdoor adventure.

Quantity: This is for a bundle of 5 slingshots. $16 for each slingshot.

Safety: Slingshots are not toys. For ages 5 and up. Adult supervision required. Always wear eye protection (not included). Inspect for any signs of wear, brittleness, or breakage before each shot. Use caution as shots may ricochet. Please read my safety guidelines and disclaimer before purchasing. 

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Hella Slingshot

Minimum $75
San Francisco, CA
My name is Adam Gray and I grew up in the woods of Northern California. I’m the middle child of 3 red headed brothers and got my first slingshot when I was 4 years old. We had a hay bale target range in back that we directed a growing arsenal of projectile weapons at. We had bows, crossbows, BB guns, 22’s and paintball guns but the slingshot was tops. Stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike, it leads to endless amusement and mischief. If we weren’t shooting targets and cans we were playing tag, building forts and staging mock battles or swimming in the lake.
Gray Flip Folding Slingshot (pack of 5)