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Grower Reference Cards

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Reference Charts, Formulas, and Infographics for Growers

Our Grower Reference Cards are a series of infographics and references designed to help you plan out best practices for a new grow space, optimize your existing garden, and troubleshoot existing and potential challenges. Styled in our renowned visually appealing format, each card presents detailed information on concepts related to growing cannabis. Some of the topics covered in the Grower Reference Cards include: common symptoms of nutrient deficiencies; nutrient synergy/antagonism; beneficial and detrimental bugs; calculations for finding your electric output, cost for a grow space, and optimal CFM for airflow; pH charts for soil and soilless mediums; and EC ratings for various pH meters. These cards serve as an excellent companion when paired with our Grow Planner or Grow Jotter. The Grower Reference Cards are printed on a durable and coated stock and packed into a gorgeous envelope.


  • 5 dual-sided infographic cards per pack
  • Covering multiple concepts related to growing cannabis
  • Placed inside a custom series envelope
  • Printed on thick, recycled stock
  • Matte finished 
  • Measuring 5" x 7"
  • Designed by Goldleaf

*This product is designed for reference only. We do not condone illegal activities. Please check your local laws on the legality of cultivating cannabis.


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Minimum $200
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Goldleaf is a print and design company for cannabis and coffee enthusiasts. We make elegant science-forward journals, cards and infographic art prints that are educational and fun to use. Each item is carefully researched from primary source materials and vetted with industry experts. We have been featured in Uncrate, GQ, Complex, Forbes, Apartment Therapy and many other trend-setting publications.