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Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition

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Holding your cards keeps other players guessing, but puts you at risk.

Playing your cards forces others to react, but be careful, you may wish they didn’t.

The point of this card game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards to end the round. The player with the most points at the end wins.

How you choose to play is not as simple. No matter how you play, this fun and competitive game is never the same twice.

Our beautifully designed, Linen Finish, Bridge-sized cards are crafted with casino quality paper and created specifically for Hand & Foot to make this addictive game:

  • Easy to learn with no more needless suits or confusing book colors

  • Easy to keep score with card values on the face of the cards

  • Easy to separate decks with the back of each deck a different color

  • Even more enjoyable to play than with old fashioned playing cards

Also available in:

  • Our original design 8 Player Edition
  • Our 8 player Team Play Edition featuring large print
  • Our 4 player expansion pack

Box Size of 11" X 7.5" X 1.25" requires minimal shelf space

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    Hand & Foot Remastered

    Minimum $100
    Hawley, PA
    Hand & Foot Remastered took on the challenge of making a beloved card game, Hand & Foot, easier to learn and even more enjoyable to play, without changing the fundamental play of the game. We are thrilled to report our customers say we succeeded! Available in: - 4 player sets of five decks of cards - 4 deck expansion pack to add up to four players - 8 player sets of nine decks of large print cards - Team Play Edition featuring Large Print for 8 players
    Hand & Foot Remastered 4 Player Edition