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Herbal Wellness Trio: Stress, Immune + Mood Support

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This is the perfect supportive herbal trio for morning, mid-day and nighttime support. Sip your best, delicious life. 

Cacao Power Adaptogenic Stress Support: perfect to blend into your coffee or smoothie in the morning.  Ingredients: Cacao Powder*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Ashwaganda Root*, Astralagus Root*, Shatavari Root*, Eleuthero Root*, Cinnamon*, Licorice Root* (*Organic) 2 oz

Matcha Melody Energy + Mood Support: a mid-day energy and mood boost. Ingredients: Matcha Tea*, Moringa Leaf*, Maca Root*, Shatavari Root*, Damiana Leaf*, Stevia Leaf* (*Organic) 2oz 

Golden Milk Stress + Immune Support: a core-warming, nourishing tonic to wind down the end of a day. Ingredients: Turmeric Root*, Ginger Root*, Coconut Milk*, Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*, Cardamom* (*Organic) 2 oz

Delicious Recipes: 

Immune Boosting Recipes: Golden Milk 3 Ways

Mood + Energy Supporting Recipes: Matcha Melody 3 Ways

Stress Support Recipes: Cacao Power 3 Ways

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Herbal Wellness Trio: Stress, Immune ...