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Ice Cream Sprinkles Jumbo Confetti Balloon

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Our Jumbo Balloons feature a high quality, diamond clear biodegradable latex balloon filled with artisan confetti -- ready to inflate and celebrate!

  • 1 confetti-filled balloon
  • 36 inch diameter balloons
  • Package with pep in the US of A
  • Packaged in 3 5/8" x 5/8" x 5 5/8” boxes

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Studio Pep

Minimum $150
Mechanicsburg, PA
We believe that color is everything. That quality and craftsmanship mean something. That you can never have too much dry shampoo and top buns are life. We believe mamas are the heartbeats of their families. That our daughters deserve the same opportunities as our sons. We believe in mom squads and wine slushies. We believe in the heart-melting power of raised arms and little lips saying “mama” at our legs. We believe in microwaving coffee five times a day. We wear spit up and snot proudly. We believe in raising the next generation to love everyone for who they are. We believe that sharing is caring and quiet time is the key to happiness. We believe you are doing your best. We believe in thriving and surviving — depending on how naps have gone that day. We believe in the squeal of a waddling baby being chased. We believe in celebrating your people. We believe in sitting around with our friends, listening to our little ones laughing and quietly thinking to ourselves — my heart is full. We believe these are the good old days and they are worth celebrating now. We are Studio Pep® and we are your new mom friend.
Ice Cream Sprinkles Jumbo Confetti Ba...