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Jasmine Honey Green Sweetened Tea Bags

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You're a day-dreamer and want the absolute best out of life.

When it comes to routine and the mundane, you want no part of it. To add adventure to the everyday, you let thoughts of far away lands and delicious foods captivate you.

As Albert Einstein said: "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."

This earthy, robust green tea with floral jasmine notes reminds us of a quaint little tea shop in the countryside of China's high mountains. The mystical brew is lightly sweetened with granulated honey for a perfectly balanced cup — and it makes a killer cold brew. Learn how to make it here

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Brew Instructions:

teapot - water Mug - Temperature
10-12oz Water
185°F 3-4 minutes

**Note: Do not oversteep or use boiling water!

Contains Caffeine.

Ingredients: green tea, honey granules (refiners sugar, honey), jasmine petals

Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times)

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Embrew Tea

Minimum $100
Fairview, NC
I love tea, but I just don’t love dealing with loose leaves, infusers and the sticky honey jar. My lightly sweetened tea bags give a perfect brew every time so you can enjoy more tea with less hassle. I'm Ashley Haywood, a super-busy mom with two little ones at home, so some days I’m lucky if I can even make a cup of tea and drink it before it gets cold. As the female founder of Embrew Tea, and reinventor of the tea bag, back in 2017, I was the first to create a natural, lightly-sweetened tea bag after wanting one myself for over 10 years. Each one of my tea bags has loose-leaf grade tea and natural sweeteners inside, so it gives you that much-needed time back when you brew your favorite tea. You may think the idea of a sweetened tea bag has been done before, but it just hasn't. Not like this. I've blended ingredients like Bourbon Smoked Sugar with white tea, Lavender and Chamomile with cayenne, and discovered a tea that tastes like a butter cookie. Everything I do for my business revolves around my obsession to leave the Earth better than when I found it. From the biodegradable packaging, elimination of tag/string/staple of the tea bags and compostable mailers I ship in, to the direct trade sourcing of the ingredients and shortening the supply chain. I'm looking forward to working with you. - Ashley
Jasmine Honey Green Sweetened Tea Bags