Joy & Happiness Crystal Kit

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This set holds crystals known to help boost your happiness and enhance joy.

Set includes:

  • 6 crystal tumbles: Amazonite, Blue Quartz, Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Stone, Rainforest Jasper, Rose Quartz.  Possible substitution would be Garnet.
  • 6 crystal information cards, one for each crystal in the kit

          Ways to use the crystals…

          • Hold during mindfulness exercises or meditations
          • Create a crystal grid to direct energy to your desired intention
          • Carry with you in a pocket or necklace to keep their energy with you throughout your day

          For your safety...

          All crystals are energetically cleansed prior to packaging. This said, we always suggest clearing any crystals before using.

          Things to note…

          *Crystals measures between .5 inches to 1.25 inches

          * Please Note that the size, shape and/or color of each crystal will vary, this is due to the natural variations in crystals. These are natural stones and each one is unique. There may be small imperfections such as inclusions, pits or markings. This is how nature intended them.... perfectly imperfect. 

          * Please note that photography is not my speciality. I try my best to show the most accurate depiction of the crystals colors, however, colors may not be exact especially when you consider the different color settings in devices.

          * Statements have not  been reviewed or approved by the FDA. The therapeutic/healing properties indicated are for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Please consult a medical professional for any questions, medical diagnosis and treatment. Crystals healing is not meant to replace medical treatment, but rather work alongside it. 


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