Kelp Forest Face Mask & Polish

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Never damage your skin tissue again with an abrasive scrub.

Harness the power of coastal botanicals for unbelievably silky smooth skin with this multifunctional mask & polish. The elements of Earth and Ocean work together to soothe, hydrate, firm and detoxify.

🌿 Aroma profile: Coastal trails of sunny California.


As if bathing in an ocean kelp forest — this mask will help stimulate blood flow and will leave your skin glowing.

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Benefits & Uses ⧚ Forest to Face®

Ancient botanicals, two types of clay, and locally harvested kelp come together in this multifunctional fine powder. Once blended with the liquid of your choice, the powder transforms into a creamy face polish that ever so gently and purposefully exfoliates off dead skin cells, removes dirt and bacteria, and feeds the skin hydration and deep sea nutrients.


🌿 Sea to skin: Deep sea nutrients boost vitality, vibrancy and suppleness.

🌿 Gentle exfoliation: This fine powder transforms into a delicate cream that helps you rid your body of dead skin cells and toxins. 

🌿 Silky smooth: The blend of clays and the demulcent nature of locally harvested kelp polish and plump your skin to next level smoothness.

Central California Kelp: Seaweed is incredibly rich in a vast array of unique minerals and active compounds. It’s demulcent and soothing texture provides long-lasting hydration to dry and irritated skin while studies have found it helpful in fighting off acne-causing bacteria. 

Yarrow: An abundant and antioxidant rich perennial herb that has been used for centuries to alleviate skin conditions. Found supportive for inflammation, wound healing, and fungal + bacterial complaints. Luckily, it smells delightful as well.

Green & Kaolin Clays: These soft and mineral-rich clays restore the skin’s firmness and integrity, while drawing out toxins. Unlike many other clays, this blend will not dry your skin out. 


⫸ As a face polish: Blend ½ teaspoon of powder with ¾ teaspoon of liquid of your choice. Once you achieve a creamy texture, gently massage onto your face for 30 seconds to a minute. Rinse off with warm water. 

⫸ As a mask: Blend ½ teaspoon of powder with ¾ teaspoon of a liquid of your choice. Once you achieve a creamy texture, coat your face and neck. Leave on for up to 10 minutes for dry skin or 30 minutes for oily skin. Rinse off with warm water and a clean washcloth. Follow up with the Regenerative Elixir or Arborescent Serum.

⫸ As a spot treatment: Blend a small amount of powder with a small amount of liquid until you get a creamy texture. Apply to those stubborn or bothersome zits and let sit for up to a few hours. Rinse off with warm water.

⫸ As an armpit detox: Blend ½  teaspoon of powder with ¾  teaspoon of water to form a creamy texture. Coat all over your armpits and let sit for up to 15 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly in the shower. 

Ingredients ⧚ Minimalism

Green clay, Kaolin Clay, Wild Harvested California Kelp, Yarrow flower,* Proprietary blend of perennial plant essential oils*

* Certified Organic ingredient  

28.5 g 

Skin specifications

This mask is customizable to your skin type depending on what liquid you blend with the powder. Feel free to get creative here and mix together different types of liquids. Our personal favorite is part water and part oil. See suggestions below.

Dry skin: Olive oil or any oil of choice

Oily skin: Green tea, apple cider vinegar, or water

Combination skin: Hydrosol or the Regenerative Elixir for ultimate luxury

Sensitive skin: Oil of choice, or the Arborescent Serum for ultimate luxury

Acne-prone skin: Apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea, or water

Don’t know your skin type? Take our Forest to Face Quiz to find out which tree best represents your skin type.

Beyond Organic ⧚ Regenerative Lifestyle


⫸ Repurpose the bottle: This adorable bottle can be repurposed into a bud vase or a spice shaker. 

⫸ Recycle & compost: The glass bottle is recyclable. The cork top is compostable. 

Anato goes beyond organic by utilizing perennial plants and tree crops from regenerative farms. These perennials that sequester more carbon than annual crops. We use renewable resources that can regenerate year after year. 

Sustainability is not just about the planet, it’s also about the people. We work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure our ingredients are sourced ethically. 

We source some of our main ingredients from the US, while others we source from where they grow best.

What is regenerative farming? Learn how regenerative agriculture is setting out to reverse climate change with this 3 minute read


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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By creating minimally processed and packaged personal care products sourced from the forest, we increase individual's well-being and cultivate care for the planet. At Anato, we go beyond organic — our ingredients come from trees, a renewable resource that sequesters carbon. Our packaging is either bare, re-usable or backyard compostable enabling users to kick-start their Zero Waste Voyage and start a journey towards reducing their plastic footprint.