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The Knit Crop Top represents our foray into something we're very excited about: Beach Knits. This piece is inspired by a photo that we stumbled upon. We fell in love with the style and searched high and low for something like it, but lo and behold, we found nothing... the style was truly lost and forgotten. We spent the past 6 months reproducing the piece from the photo and we couldn't be happier about the result. See how close we got below.

The Knit Crop Top is a homage to a time when swimsuits were made of wool. This is your grandma's beach sweater!

The Inspiration

The Look

The History

While conducting our regular Hammies R&D, we learned that the first swim and beach brands of the 20th century started out as knitting mills! The original swimsuits were made of wool and left almost everything up to the imagination. As the pastime of swimming grew in popularity, Catalina (founded in 1907 as Bentz Knitting Mills) and Jantzen (founded in 1916 as Portland Knitting Company) shifted away from knitting sweaters and into knitting swimsuits. The swimsuit went on to push the limits of American fashion and modesty for the next 40 years. If you want to learn more, we recommend Making Waves: Swimsuits and the Undressing of America by Lena Lenček and Gideon Bosker. This explains why we see so many people wearing beach sweaters in vintage photos and ads from the 1950-70s.

The Story of the Swimsuit from Making Waves


The Knit Crop Top fits true-to-size and relaxed.

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Hammies is an old short for a new generation. The short style was popularized in the 1970s by surf and skate communities in Southern California. The shorts were worn by skateboard legends like the Zephyr skate team, surf legends like Jeff Hakman, and pop culture icons like Tom Selleck and Chevy Chase. They were worn by rollerskaters, tennis players, camp counselors, computer programmers, hippies, and they were probably worn by your mom and dad.