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May 20, 1929—It’s the Roaring Twenties! The economy is booming, and new technologies such as the automobile and electricity are now mainstream. Alcohol is still flowing freely, even though Prohibition has banned its consumption. As a result, the mafia’s profits have been soaring from sales of their illegal bootleg liquor, and violent crime is also on the rise.

Al Capone, Chicago’s infamous mafia boss, was just arrested, but there’s more to the story. You receive a request for help from the FBI for their investigation into a gang called La Famiglia who might be even more dangerous than Capone’s Chicago Outfit gang. Can you crack the case?

La Famiglia contains one full storyline made up of two parts, with dozens of clues to crack and riddles to solve. Play with a group or on your own for hours of fun. It's like two escape room or mystery games with one single purchase. 

⏳ 2-4+ hours of fun with two parts in one game

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Puzzling Pursuits

Minimum $100
Fremont, CA
Puzzling Pursuits develops immersive puzzle adventures for anyone who loves escape rooms, puzzles, riddles, or mysteries. Their highly-rated games come shrink-wrapped with retail-ready packaging. Each game has two parts, providing the value of “two games in one.” They are each self-contained and provide hours of entertainment. Two games, Blackbrim: 1876 and La Famiglia, are available for wholesale orders.