La Llorona

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It’s Halloween!  It is time to turn off the lights, light the candles and tell historias de fantasmas.  Make sure to stay close and not wander outside or La Llorona might get you.  The weeping woman cries for her missing children in the river and brings misfortune to anyone around her.  Send your friends, or family this La Llorona card to wish them a Spooky Halloween.

  • Blank inside so you can write your own personal message.
  • Back: Short descriptive story.
  • Colored envelope.
  • Size: A7 (5" x 7").
  • Thick 100# white paper.
  • Clear cello bag for protection.

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Paper Tacos™ Greeting Cards in Spanish Logo
Jesús Ruvalcaba is on a business venture to bring some cultural flavor to the greeting card industry. Jesús is the sole proprietor of an online greeting card business named Paper Tacos™. Paper Tacos™ are greeting cards that are inspired by Mexican traditions and customs. Jesús noticed a need for more representation in greeting cards when he went to look for a birthday card for his mom. He had a difficult time finding a card that was meaningful to his Spanish speaking mom. Jesús said, “ I wanted a card that was personal and would resonate with my mom. I saw that there was not much variety of Spanish cards and thought how great it would be if there were greeting cards that represented Mexican traditions that my family can relate to.” Shortly after, Jesús began to use his illustration skills and graphic design experience to work and Paper Tacos was established. Jesús first created a get well card with the Spanish saying “Sana Sana Colita de Rana”. This cute card has an illustration of a sad frog with a bandage on his back. “This is a very common saying in Mexican culture said by moms and grandmas when someone gets hurt. I had a customer cry and say that it reminded her of her grandmother,” expressed Jesus, “That is the kind of impact I wanted to have on people. I wanted to create cards that bring a connection, or happy memory to loved ones.” Jesús’s passion for art and his proud heritage are present in each of his unique card designs. Paper Tacos™ has over 100 designs and is steadily growing. There are a variety of cards for all occasions such as Birthdays, Get Well, Love, Inspirational, Just Because and Holidays. "Holiday cards are a combination of Mexican and American culture. I want to include Santa Claus and Día de los Reyes (Three Kings) because as a Mexican American it is important to celebrate Christmas as we do here in America, and at the same time keep the Mexican traditions that I grew up with as a child,” explained Jesús. Jesús has been selling his greeting cards through his website since September 2017. In addition, he has sold in local fairs and has collaborated with other small businesses. Jesús enjoys hearing the positive feedback from his customers. “ I like hearing that my cards bring smiles to people’s faces,” Jesús said, “I put a lot of thought into each of my card designs and it’s great that people enjoy them.” About The Company: Paper Tacos™ creates greeting cards and gifts for various occasions that depict Mexican traditions. Each greeting card is unique and includes Mexican customs that are presented in a cheeky and humorous style that resonate with the Mexican-American community. Our mission is to create authentic greeting cards for all occasions that relate to the culture and traditions of the Mexican-American community.