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Labradorite Gold Ring

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Claim your own slice of blazing Icelandic sky with this Labradorite Gold Ring. Mystical, magical and held in place by a glimmering 14k gold plated band, this ring brims with healing properties and brings the whole body, mind and soul into a stunning state of serene relaxation.

“With this ring, I stay connected to the greater cosmos and the universe that swirls within”



Loved by the Inuit people, connected to the third eye chakra, and embracing all that is unknown; Labradorite is a life-giving force. Etched with all the shades of pearl, blue, and the glimmer of Aurora green, one glance at Labradorite is the bridge builder between glorious grounding and shamanic vision. For those who always felt the pull of the mystique, Labradorite is a stone that will keep you connected to the cosmos with one simple glance.

Along with inviting you to play with the idea of psychic forces, Labradorite also keeps you tethered and protected. This isn’t a stone that will ask you to chase it to other realms before you are ready, but a stone that keeps you deeply protected from negative energies in a way that doesn’t weigh heavy on your spiritual sojourns.

When paired with the glimmer of gold, this only serves to heighten the power and splendor of the lavish Labradorite. Gold is a non-toxic element and also known as being a great healer. Gold encourages your blood circulation to flow as sweet as wine and can even help achy bones feel a flush of rare energy. Combined with Labradorite which leads you along the path of transformation and change without making you feel naked or unsafe, your whole body and mind can synchronize into fabulous being. For those who need a little help attaching their wings and getting ready to fly, Labradorite is sure to delight the soul.


  • 14k Gold Plated
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Made in India with Love
  • Comes with a description card

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Labradorite Gold Ring