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Lavender Eye Pillow

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RELIEVE TENSION & STRESS: Mindful & Modern’s Lavender Eye Pillow helps to release facial tension and calm your mind. Flax and lavender filled, the pillow’s gentle weight and aromatic scent relaxes your forehead and eyes so you feel restful and recharged. 

EASY SELF CARE: Perfect for meditation sessions, yoga, shavasana or for a quick minute to relax. Place over eyelids to let the therapeutic pillow soothe delicate muscles around your eyes. Helps relieve headaches and discomfort due to eye strain. 

SLEEK COMFY SATIN: Designed for long-lasting comfort. Crafted using a soft satin cover, and filled with an all natural filling. Warm it to help relax tired eyes or chill it to help relieve swelling. Great gift to encourage mindfulness and relaxation.

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Minimum $150
Sheridan, WY
Our mission is to normalize meditation by creating beautiful life-enhancing products that encourage well-being for all. Mental self-care is essential, not optional. We’re Felipe, Steph, and Nick, the founders of Mindful & Modern. The three of us met in Thailand and quickly bonded over being independent business owners and expatriates. Shortly after becoming friends, we were all introduced to the practice of meditation. Being entrepreneurs, we were all too familiar with the stress that running businesses brought into our lives, and meditation provided an incredible antidote to that stress. Armed with our personal experience in meditation and a desire to create the best meditation products in the world, we got to work. We wanted to design a meditation cushion that was not only of the highest quality, but also beautiful and modern. A cushion that would not look out of place in anyone’s home. There’s no reason for meditation goods to be loud or ugly. To this day, all of our products are still designed in our home city of Chiang Mai, Thailand with the same intention. As our own meditation journeys continued, we began to look for products we could incorporate into our practices. Most of what we found was marketed towards ‘hippies’ or extremely spiritual practitioners, and while we had no problem with any form of meditation, we didn’t feel drawn to these types of products. It was then that Mindful & Modern was born.