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Leo Lion - Sunset

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Chaya's Note

I say this often: The world is a huge place, it's so big and most everything happens 5 feet off the ground. Everything is adult-sized. Part of the way I want to show children that they are seen and valued is by "matching" the world to their size. This is why many of the items at home on themeandmy are small. They're designed for little hands. Yes, it happens to be extra difficult for large adult hands to make small tiny hand sized things, but to me, this is my work. This is what I'm here for. Thanks so much for taking the time to explore the site and hear my message.

XO, Chaya


DESCRIPTION: theMe&My Leo Lion was designed with patience, care, and lots of love. It was created to bring your little someone comfort and security; To invite them into a whole new world of imaginative play; to introduce them to a lifetime buddy who they can love forever and ever! Leo is a strong and brave lion who is ready to share his strength and bravery with his friends!

SIZE: Leo is about 12-inches of adorableness! His arms and legs are narrow, so babies and toddlers and girls and boys can hold onto them easily. Leo is easy to play, imagine, travel, and fall asleep with!  

THE DETAILS: As with all of our products, the details are intentional and many. Let's start with the hair. Leo's hair is made from soft strings. The hair is a sensory piece to play with and also to rub against your cheek! Little babies will love to grab hold of Leo by his hair. Leo has little ears. The inside of his ears are a minky soft fabric. Leo's arms and legs are very narrow. This is so that your little ones can easily hold onto him. Leo comes with a braided tail. Leo's belly is a very soft minky fabric. When you hold Leo by his torso, your thumb naturally falls on his belly. Rub your thumb back and forth to take in that soft goodness! Leo's adorable face is embroidered with care and details.

Please note that this is a handmade doll so each doll will differ slightly.
Recommended Ages 12 months+
CPSC tested and approved. 

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Minimum $50
Coral Springs, FL
The vision of theME&MY is to bring comfort to children everywhere. We aim to (help adults) reinforce and teach (their) children that they belong, that they are valued, that their feelings and voices are important and matter, and that they are never alone. We want to give children something of their own, (a sense of ownership), that they can use to self-soothe on their own. And of course, to not only bring comfort, but imaginative play!