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A bold statement, but we are pretty sure this is the sweetest cotton face mask in the world, besides the Lillian mask of course;).  A white t-shirt jeans statement piece or a white linen dress addition.  

This face mask is made out of vintage floral prints with a lace trim.  It has elastic around the ears with adjusters for comfort.  There is also a secret hidden nose piece built in so it looks and fits better too:)

Warning:   May cause compliments.

PSA:  Yes, this is a great face mask covering for bridal showers and baby showers too.

*** to protect each and every one of us this mask is final sale 


Outer layer:  Woven Cotton Blend

Inner Layer:   Woven Cotton blend

Ties:   100% Cotton

Please hand wash and lay out to dry

Made in the USA with nothing but love. xoxo

 Stay safe, mask up!

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We are a locally produced, sustainable and ethical brand. How so? We make our products in Los Angeles and have a dedicated team that searches for pre existing and special vintage fabrics dating back to the 1940's. This way the fabrics don't end up in a land fill and can be reused. Instead of producing more fabrics we buy overstock or buy fabrics people are willing to let go of after having a for a long time. We restore them and use them. We use all natural fibers from silks to cottons to tencels, so they can natural biodegrade into the earth. ______________________________________________________________________________ The name Merritt is used to inspire people to be kind and to think with merit as a result of your actions. ________________________________________________________________________________ Who is Merritt anyway? The easy explanation: founder Lacey Horning's grandfather aka Pappy. His name was Merritt and is the inspiration behind the brand. Merritt Charles M.D., F.I.C.S., M.P.H. (1915 – 2005), was a pioneer in preventative medicine and was a man of the utmost integrity. He spent his life doing good for others, putting people first and couldn't have been given a more perfect name in doing so. He thought hospitals were reactive so founded preventative health institutions to prevent people from becoming sick in the first place. He thought being good, doing good and making decisions in the present for our future could help avoid most of the bad from happening. Today, think about how the decisions you make might affect your future and the future of the others. Make people happy so they don’t get sad. Make good decisions for yourself. Be kind with your words, they are more powerful than you think. Love yourself, love others. Be good. Do good. For yourself. For others. All with merit. #lovewithmerritt
Lily Merritt Face Mask - Floral face...