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Mercury Ritual Blend: Legal Assistance and Retrograde Remedy

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Old World Witchcraft Mercury Ritual Blend for assisting with legal problems, as well as a retrograde remedy. Three to four times every year, we experience the illusion of the planet Mercury traveling backward, which is called Mercury Retrograde. Mercury rules communication, travel, technology, and the legal system. When Mercury is in retrograde, these areas of life are at their absolute weakest point. It is the absence of Mercurial energy that is the cause of these problems. To learn more about Mercury Retrograde and to see this year's Mercury Retrograde dates, visit the Mercury Retrograde: What & When page. 

The Mercury Retrograde Ritual evokes and draws upon Mercurial energy, which causes an energetic reversal of the retrograde. Doing so lessens, or often eliminates completely, common Mercury Retrograde issues, such as miscommunication, travel disturbances, and electrical maladies. View Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit for step-by-step ritual instructions.


  • Proprietary, time-tested Old World Witchcraft blend of 100% organic and responsibly wild-harvested herbs, roots, and resins. Every Ritual Blend is ritually handcrafted and bottled by Dacha Avelin under specific corresponding moon phases and planetary influences.
  • Packaged in a thick glass 2 oz jar. Reusable and recyclable.
  • Environmentally-friendly cork cap allows for secure longterm storage.


Using Mercury Ritual Blend for Legal Assistance

Mercury rules communication, travel, and the legal system. When needing to influence a judge or any authority figure in the legal system, use the ritual below to guide their judgment in your favor.

You Will Need:


When to Perform:

Ideally, you would do this ritual on the Witch's New Moon, which the day or night you see the very first crescent of the moon.


Ritual Instructions:

Create a quiet, sacred space for yourself. Somewhere you will be undisturbed and feel comfortable. Set aside about 30-45 minutes to perform this ritual to its entirety, which includes the total candle burning time.

Ideally, this should be a part of your home that is for your eyes only. A place where you can continue this ritual without disturbances, interruptions, or extinguishing the candle. Set all the needed items out in front of you.

Center yourself and take a few deep breaths. Remember, you are not 'getting rid' of anything. This is not a banishment, it's quite the opposite! This ritual evokes Mercury. You are working to improve the areas of your life that the absence of Mercury negatively impacts. You are working to draw in Mercurial energies into your life. 

Step 1: Pick up your candles, slowly roll them between the palms of your hands. Try to get in the mental space of a harmonious, well-planned, and smooth life. Find your inner calm. Allow this energy to permeate through your body, down to your hands and into the candle. Feel the peace of the moment. 

Sit in this energetic harmony for as long as you feel comfortable. You will have an inner knowing when it is time to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Draw the Mercury symbol (as shown below) on the piece of paper. Gaze at the symbol. Allow your gaze to soften and become out of focus. Breathe. This is an ancient and powerful symbol. One that assists with communication, the legal system, travel, and the fruition of goals.

Old World Witchcraft Mercury Retrograde

On the back of the image write your ritual statement, for example:

"My court hearing works out in my favor. My attorney and I can convey our case eloquently and efficiently. The judge understands my side perfectly and gladly sides with me."

Step 3: Place 3 Ritual Candles on top of the Mercury symbol, slowly rolling them back and forth across the image. This allows the beeswax to pick up the evoked energies of Mercury. 

​Step 4: Move the Ritual Candles to the side. Sprinkle about 1/3 teaspoon of the Mercury Retrograde Ritual Blend directly into the center of the Mercury sigil.

​Step 5: Lay the 3 Ritual Candles directly on top of the herbs, gently rolling the candles over the sigil. The Ritual Candles are made entirely of beeswax and are naturally a bit sticky. Some of the Ritual Blend excesses will remain on the symbol, which is perfectly fine. 

Summon the feelings and energies of the legal system working in your favor. Clear lines of communication. Helpful people. A general feeling of wellness and predictability. ​

Step 6: Create a Candle Braid. Gather the three Ritual Candles in your hand, make sure they are lined up evenly. While holding both ends of the candles, gently begin to twist in opposite directions. The motion is similar to wringing out wet laundry. The bottoms (or legs) of the candles should then be untwisted for the last 1/2-1 inch of the candles. The bottoms (or legs) of the candles should be untwisted for the last one inch of the candles. Place on top of the Mercury sigil.​

Step 7: While holding the conscious intention of persuading the legal system to rule in your favor. Sit in meditation for a moment. Mercury is now evoked. You are now drawing the energy of Mercury into your life. Feel the energy of Mercury wash over you. Allow it to empower and improve your life.  

Light the Juniper Smudge from the flame of the candle. Allow the soft smoke to envelop you and balance your personal energies. Carefully smudge your energy field by holding the Juniper Bundle about 1 foot over the top of your head. Move it down to your feet, stepping into clouds of smoke. Alternatively, you may sit down and smudge the soles of your feet.  

​The Ritual Candles only burn 20-45 minutes, depending on the temperature in the room, any possible drafts, and the amount of Ritual Blend used. The candle will extinguish itself in its own pool of wax. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Step 8: Repetition
Repeat the ritual for two more nights, starting from step 3. The same paper should be reused for the length of the retrograde. Placing the new candle on top of the previously formed pool of wax. 

Step 9: Carry the remnants of this ritual with you to the court hearing, or in the days when you are waiting to hear back about your legal case. Once you receive the verdict in your favor, bury the remnants in your backyard to ensure the ruling is not overturned. If a backyard is not available, use a healthy potted plant and place in the back of your home in a secure location. 

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