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Mexican Chile Crisp

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Like our first-born, the oo’mämē Mexican Chile Infusion marries the earthy flavors of chiles, Mexican in this case, with umami to bring out both heat and an unctuous savory profile. We combine several indigenous chiles, like ancho and guajillo, along with pepitas, adding dried mango and orange peel. Olé. We present a bright and bold addition to anything you might whip up in the kitchen. This combo will make your taste buds stand up and take note.

If you thought you knew authentic Mexican cuisine but have yet to cross the border - por favor – consider the food of the colorful colonial city of Oaxaca de Juárez, the capital of the state of Oaxaca. You will quickly realize what you have been missing. Crowned by most to be the culinary capital of the country, Oaxaca is a melting pot of sixteen indigenous groups. So whether you shop for rugs from a Zapotec weaver, enjoy a tipple of artisanal mescal, or stroll the markets past the stalls of smoky chipotles, you can’t help but find yourself settling into a pace, rhythm and lifestyle that is transporting. Nowhere is food more integral to that lifestyle than here.

Chipotles, both Morita and Meco, are quintessential mainstays of Mexican cuisine. Many know that chipotles are smoked ripe jalapenos, but when visiting a place like Oaxaca with its rich ancestral heritage, you can really start to see the impact of centuries of history on culinary tradition. In order to preserve the fresh chile in a time without refrigeration, the Mesoamericans pre-dating the Aztecs smoked them to a leathery brown suppleness. Though the technique is pre-Aztec, the word chipotle itself can be traced to Nahuatl (Aztec) word chilpoctli meaning smoked chile. We have taken many of these indigenous and authentic ingredients of Mexican cuisine and concentrated their essence into a single source that will elevate any dish to something quite extraordinary. Let our hard work simplify your meal prep.

1001 USES. One Spoon.

  • Add to avocados, omelets, rice or pasta and go from drab to dazzling
  • Mix with or drizzle onto honeys, yogurts, hummus, and cheeses for an elevated experience
  • Use in place of or add to ho-hum condiments – ketchup, mayo, sour cream: GET OUT!
  • Resuscitate leftovers by topping with a dollop
  • Stir fry with the high smoke-point infused oil
  • Go beyond Sriracha by adding layers and levels of texture and umami
  • Mix with peanut, almond, and cashew butters and you’ll be saying oh’mŷ-mŷ
  • Top pizzas, tacos, kebabs, and quesadillas because you can
  • Make a dipping sauce for wings, ribs, dumplings, and tempura and say it’s your signature dish
  • Marinate, then grill or roast any meat, fish, poultry or vegetable

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Minimum $99
St Louis, MO
Fifth Taste Foods created oo’mämē®, a line of Premium Global Chile Crisp to inspire the spirit of adventure in each of us. Handmade in small batches, we have thoughtfully choreographed an amazing symphony of layers of authentic flavors in new and unique ways for you to experience the world’s most exciting cuisines. With a backbone of chiles, toasted nuts & seeds and all-natural umami in every bite anyone can make mealtime more exciting. Beginner cooks love the ease and convenience and experienced cooks and chefs love the complexity and versatility.