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Modern Stone Square Set

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The Modern Stone Square Set comes with a top and bottom cushion. Our ergonomic design elevates the hips above the knees promoting proper body alignment. This prevents slouching, alleviates pain, and helps prevent injury. Our cushion is meticulously designed to support the body in a comfortable position, whether used for meditation, sitting or lounging.

The top cushion is filled with sustainable, all natural buckwheat hulls. Unlike foam beads, its hollow triangle shape allows flexibility while maintaining its structural integrity, molding gently to the body while providing firm support.

Our all-natural bottom cushion provides comfortable support for the knees, legs, ankles, and feet.


  • Modern Square Cushion is 16” diameter x 6” height and filled with 5 lbs of organic buckwheat hulls
  • Modern Square Flat cushion is 27” diameter x 2” height and filled with an all-natural organic batting blend
  • 100% Raw Natural Organic cotton cover
  • Outer cover for both cushions are removable and machine washable
  • Convenient handle for carrying and storage
  • Safe for ironing and steaming

Because our fabric is raw and unbleached, flecks of fiber will appear on the surface, creating a unique look to each set. At Nobl Cushions, our goal is to create an honest, pure product for your home.


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Minimum $100
NÔBL Cushions is a meditation brand focused on combining the values of the millennia-old practice of meditation and modern minimalist aesthetics to encourage you to a life of conscious living. We found inspiration while traveling and wanted to create a modern sustainable design to the traditional meditation zafu. NÔBL Cushions provides the foundation to root down in your meditation practice whether ten minutes or ten hours. When not used for meditation, it is perfect for lounging, playing with children, or used as a cozy sitting area in your living room. At NÔBL, we strive to ethically source our materials and stay conscious of our environmental impact. We sourced 100% raw organic cotton. Our zafu, the top cushion, is filled with organic buckwheat hulls from the Midwest region of the United States. Buckwheat hulls are the outer shell of the buckwheat grains and we up-cycle this material for our cushions, as traditionally used for zafus. The NÔBL zabuton, the bottom cushion, is filled with raw natural cotton from Texas and Georgia. NÔBL is grateful to be on the path to a more mindful life.