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Morning Toffee

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Name: Morning Toffee
Origin: Blend
Type: Ground or Whole Bean
Process: Swiss Water Processed Decaf 
Size: 16 oz.

Wake up to warm, inviting flavors. Three layers of sweet and gentle flavors - no one overpowering the other. Find hints of smooth coconut, dashes of soft butterscotch, and a splash of warm toffee to make a delightful morning, afternoon, or evening cup. This blend makes a great breakfast companion, hence the name, but goes well any time of day. In fact, this naturally flavored decaf is great as an evening dessert over some vanilla ice cream as well.

Sweet warmth and inviting flavors add three layers of goodness to each cup. Blended to a medium roast for a balanced flavor.

Tasting Notes: Coconut, Butterscotch, Toffee

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Homebody Coffee Co.

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Ludlow, KY
Homebody Coffee Co is a brand that specializes in great-tasting, all-natural decaf coffee. For us, decaf comes first, not secondary to regular coffee. We offer naturally processed decaf coffee for the caffeine conscious. We focus on living slowly and intentionally and you are now a part of the family too. We take a mindful approach to each moment, from sipping morning coffee to big decisions throughout the day, the practice is the same and the lessons are abundant. Thank you for joining us and supporting our mission. Great tasting decaf coffee is the vehicle to reach others and let them know that their productivity does not equal their worth, their busyness is not a badge of honor, and that by slowing down, you can truly LIVE each day. Choose from a variety of roasts, origins, blends, and flavors all with unique characteristics and named after our favorite places to enjoy them.