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Sun-Dried Jackfruit

The exotic fruit who never disappoints — bold, nutty and sweet in flavor, your tastebuds will be asking for more of this hand-crafted tropical snack. Also, it’s literally the largest fruit in the world. High in fiber and dried without any added sugars or preservatives.

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Jali Fruit Co.

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Cedarburg, WI
Jali Fruit Co. helps transform food waste into opportunity by working with rural women farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. We upcycle what would’ve been food waste and turn it into an all-natural, non-GMO dried fruit snack. For every 6 bags, we’re saving 3 pounds of fruit and improving 1 woman’s livelihood. Consumers are able to trace their impact by scanning the QR code that’s hand labeled on each individual bag of fruit. It’s an interactive experience that allows the consumers to learn about where their fruit is coming from and who made it happen.