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Natural Turquoise + Ombre + Raw Amber with Rose Quartz || Adult Bracelet Set

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Handmade in California from locally sourced stones, our beaded Turquoise bracelets have been adorned by many and are often worn as a minimalistic statement piece. Turquoise holds the belief of soothing the soul and calming the spirit. It holds a healing belief to improve your overall mental state and increasing your positive mental characteristics of creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition and happiness.
The tiny beads look best worn alone or stacked with your favorites.
Paired with our Raw Ombre + Lava Stone Bracelet and our Beautiful Golden Amber and Rose Quartz Bracelet, this set is an outfit in itself.  Wear them all together or on their own, they are designed to be loved...
>>> bracelets measure 7" in length <<<

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Minimum $150
Camino, CA
Our vision is to share the incredible healing benefits of wearing jewelry created by the earth so that you may feel connected + calmed by Mother Nature. We want to provide you with soothing relief and positive energy as you naturally boost your immune system, out there in the wild.... Our handmade Baltic Amber + Gemstone Jewelry is designed to comfort the whole family, with sizes that range from 5" to 21" we create unique, high quality jewelry that is intended to last a lifetime. Each piece is lovingly handmade in California, by a small, family-run entity that generates and creates a lifestyle brand that originates from the sea and transforms in the tall trees and sunshine. We source only the highest quality beads from Artisans around the World, add a hand-cut tag (made from real Aspen Tree Wood) and package it together in a natural, muslin cotton bag. Each piece is a gift. Handmade by Mother Nature and preserved for millions of years, Baltic Sea Amber will forever be one of Earth's Greatest Treasures! Please message us directly with any specific questions or to request a piece of our jewelry, so that you may feel the incredible healing benefits, of Baltic Sea Amber for yourself....
Natural Turquoise + Ombre + Raw Amber...