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Night Hike

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7 Summit Artist Series

As the sun goes down, the Night Hike comes to life! Craft all of your favorite beverages in the 32 oz. All-Day Adventure Flask. Voted "Best Tailgating Gear of 2022" by Outside MagazineHibear’s versatile, insulated, easy-to-clean, and rugged utility bottle is designed to make everything from cold brew to tea to cocktails, yet it's simple enough to use as an everyday water bottle.

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The Seven Summits design represent the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. Summiting all seven is considered to be a huge mountaineering feat (mad respect). Seven Summits artist Lauren Ouye has always had a passion for art and design, which was only enhanced further through her love for the outdoors. Inspired by her experiences backpacking in the Sierras, she explores the use of linework most commonly found on the ever too familiar topographic maps. Her use of expressive lines aims to connect you to the places you love most, allow you to find beauty in being lost, and encourage you to seek new adventures.

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Minimum $550
Reno, NV
Hibear was born out of travel and adventure. We didn’t just decide to make sustainable adventure products better through smart design. We did it because our adventures demanded it. After traveling ‘round the world we learned the value of less and that the things we carry should do more. The capability of our insulated bottles was pretty limited and they weren’t so great for making beverages on the road... Which got us thinking that adventure travel needed a better bottle, and so we made one. After over 3 years of research and development, the All-Day Adventure Flask was born. Some call it the Swiss Army tool of insulated bottles. We call it the All-Day Adventure Flask. It crafts beverages from coffee to cocktails, yet it's simple enough to be used as an everyday water bottle. Each flask is designed by an independent artist. We are a 1% for the Planet member and Climate Neutral Certified.