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The perfect bandana for Fall or for any time of the year to rep your love for Holisticanine! The OG Holisticanine bandana sports our leaf logo and is perfect to wear as Fall leaves or year-round greenery!

Our bandanas are made of the highest quality fabrics and are some of the only, if not the only, 100% organic cotton bandanas. Made of a unique organic cotton knit material, they are much softer than your traditional bandanas and will feel like a blanket. Stylish, luxurious, comfortable, and sustainable! 

Our tie-on style bandanas are truly versatile and holistic because they can be worn by any of your fur babies whether they're a bunny, cat, dog, or anyone else! You can even use them for yourself to tie around your neck, in your hair, or however your creative soul desires!


⋒ eco-friendly 

Organic cotton is important because traditional cotton (and anything else being grown) uses pesticides and fertilizers, which are extremely harmful to the environment. These dangerous chemicals destroy the air, soil, and runoff into water sources thereby contaminating precious resources. Organic products do not use any pesticides or fertilizers, so they are as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible!


⋒ materials 

100% organic cotton knit

Our bandanas are made of 100% organic cotton fabric, stitched with organic cotton thread, and have an organic cotton label that features our logo 💚


⋒ care instructions 

Spot clean with water and a mild soap or detergent. Our bandanas can be ironed, but it is unlikely that they will need to be because our organic cotton knit material is so soft that it does not crease very easily!

If you are planning on ironing your bandana, please try to avoid the label because heat will damage the logo!


⋒ size guide 

Refer to our size guide graphic to choose which size fits your fur baby! We always recommend sizing up if they are between sizes :) 

if you need a custom size, email us at or dm us, we would love to make the perfect dana for you!

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Minimum $125
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Holisticanine is the one-stop shop for natural & eco-friendly pet products! We specialize in organic, eco-friendly, and non-toxic products because your fur baby and our planet deserve the best. We use completely sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and materials in creating our products. And the safest, most natural and organic ingredients in our best-selling balms and accessories.