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Oolong Green Tea, Loose Leaf, USDA Organic, 55+ Cups – 4 Oz (113g)

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  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC TEA - USDA Organic products are farmed naturally without the use of any prohibited substances making the product better for consumers and the environment. Our loose-leaf tea is made from only the finest certified organic ingredients
  • NO ADDED ANYTHING - Our tea is made without added sugars, gluten, artificial sweeteners, natural or artificial flavors
  • TRUE TEA FAMILY - Oolong tea is in the “true tea” family along with green, black, white, and pu-erh tea. Oolong teas are allowed to experience oxidation longer than other types of tea, which helps to allow Oolong to weave and develop a truly vivid catalog of flavors
  • FORMOSA OOLONG - Taiwan, also known as “Formosa” has been famous for its Oolong for centuries, and so we have developed our own as a homage to this wonderful island of Oolong tea. Our Formosa Style Oolong is sourced from a small farmer in China
  • INGREDIENTS - Organic oolong tea
  • TASTE - Orchid-like, floral base with sweet top notes

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Minimum $100
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Founded by a family with a passion for tea and wellness. We believe in the power of quality, natural ingredients to enhance the health benefits of drinking tea. Our goal is to provide customers with affordable products that offer accessible ways to maintain their well-being. We are committed to being transparent about our business practices and sourcing materials responsibly in order to create a sustainable future for generations to come.
Oolong Green Tea, Loose Leaf, USDA Or...