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Padang Cassia Cinnamon

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Our fragrant Cassia cinnamon is harvested from premium cinnamon trees and has a stronger, pungent and spicier flavor than Ceylon cinnamon. This difference makes it perfect for everything from baked goods to savory stews and braising red meats - any dish that can benefit from a spicy burst of cinnamon flavor will transform with this spice!

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At Spice Tribe we believe that food should be savored. That cooking should be an experience that grounds you in the moment. The practice of mindful cooking is one of slowing down so you can be present, not just while you’re eating, but while you’re creating what you eat. Observe your fresh ingredients—the array of colors, the variety of textures. Stir a simmering pot and breathe in the aroma of the spices you sprinkled there. Take a taste and see where it takes you.