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"PALO SANTO + SAGE"- Smudge Soy Candle with Natural Crushed Sage Leafs for Energy Cleansing - 100% Natural Soy Candle

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Scent: Palo Santo and Sage

Decor: Natural crushed sage leafs


-8 Oz: H: 3.6" x D: 2.5" (Cellophane wrapped)

-12 Oz: H: 3.25": x D:3.25" (Boxed)

SAGE FOR HEALING AND CLEANSING: The ritual of sage burning has its beginnings in the native American traditions. People burn sage and also other holy herbs to cleanse and protect their environments, objects and even people from negative energy.

PALO SANTO TO REPEL NEGATIVITY: It is common to find Palo Santo as an important smudging tool for some spiritual rituals in South America. This ancient ceremony is used to clear all the negative energy we accumulate from people, places, or even objects that we have in our homes.

SAGE FOR CHAKRA HEALING: the word sage in Latin, means healing. It is used to align our chakra; it promotes overall health and purification. The fragrance of sage burning is linked to getting people into a more positive mood by releasing stress and anxiety. Burning sage is also associated with increasing spiritual awareness, wisdom and clarity.

INTENTION CANDLE: “Set up your intention” when burning this candle, so that it’s power is directed towards what you are aiming for. It is very important to have a positive attitude and focus you mind, body and heart around a specific aim.

NATURAL: All our candles are 100 % natural, home made and hand poured in the USA by using 100% first quality soy wax, making them bio-degradable and eco-friendly. We encourage people to also recycle this glass jar once the candle is consumed.

STRONG SCENTS: We only use oils that are made specifically for candles in order to get the best experience possible out of each fragrance. We are also very generous with the amount of oil we use on each candle to make sure the scent last for a very long time.

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"PALO SANTO + SAGE"- Smudge Soy Candl...