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Patience Aura Alchemy Candle

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Formally Peace

A calming blend of Mint, Citrus, Rose, and Jasmine.

At times, life can be uncertain and unpredictable. Patience is absolutely necessary to live a happy and productive life. Remember, most good things don't happen overnight. Change is a process as well as growth. Take a deep breath and give yourself the space to accept, allow, and go with the flow. It's all working in your favor.

Light this candle when you need a gentle reminder that everything in life is a process, not a race.

Healing Candle Practice
  1. Create a sacred space in your home. This can simply be a corner in your bedroom.
  2. Cleanse your space and your aura with white sage, palo santo, or incense.
  3. Grab your journal and your pen. Journals are always helpful during transformational periods. It helps you to release any pinned up energies. You’ll also have a record of your journey.
  4. Light your candle.
  5. Set your intentions to heal.

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