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Pecan Cheddar Cheese Straws- UGA Flavor of Georgia Winner

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My pecan cheddar cheese straws are the 2016 UGA Flavor of Georgia winner in the snack category. It is my most popular cheese straw, original cheddar, with pecan pieces added for a slight nutty flavor. They are made from scratch by hand daily using only the very best ingredients and are extra cheesy with a kick of spice and hint of pecan. There are approximately 6 straws per oz so a 3.5 oz box has approximately 21 straws, the 1/2 pound container has approximately 48 straws, and the one pound container has approximately 96 straws and feeds 16 (6 straws each) to 32 (3 straws each) people. The containers can be put in the freezer so the straws can be enjoyed a few at a time or saved for later. Normally ships in 3-5 business days but please read the Commonly Asked Questions page on my website.

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Minimum $200
Statesboro, GA
One of life's little pleasures, the versatile cheese straw, is as southern as boiled peanuts, grits, and sweet tea. In the South this addicting, delicious snack is nearly mandatory at all weddings, church potlucks, and bridal showers. This delectable snack pairs great with cocktails, beer, and wine and makes a wonderful replacement for bread or crackers to accompany soups and salads. According to lore, since cheese has always been imported into the hot, humid South, cheese straws have long been a way of preserving cheese, or at least the cheese flavor. The White House cookbooks from the 1800s even boast a recipe. Piped from a cookie press and sliced into lengths commonly referred to as "straws," practically ever southern family has a recipe handed down through the generations. They are perfect for the southern hostess to have on hand - that way she can be ready with the perfect bite to eat for unexpected guests at a moment's notice. Since the 1800’s my family has lived in Bulloch County in Statesboro, Georgia. My great grandmother lived on what the family now refers to as the Homeplace. Surrounded by farmland, the old windmill, and miles of dirt roads, my great grandmother learned to cook and do it well at an early age. When her son, Husmith Marsh, married, my great grandmother passed her cooking skills to my grandmother, Margaret Marsh. Both of these ladies were well known locally for their home cooking. At an early age I would go to both of their houses to help cook. I like to think I inherited their cooking genes because I love cooking and creating recipes and trying them out on family and friends. One cherished memory is of my grandmother making cheese wafers for me as a childhood snack. Using her recipe, I set out to make that recipe my own. After months of experimenting and taste tests with friends and family, Kim’s cheese straws were born. I first started making them for family gatherings and parties, but word of mouth sparked the interest of local businesses then all over the US. Kim's Cheese Straws is a small-batch, artisan bakery featuring award winning cheese straws in many mouth-watering flavors. My southern homemade cheese straws are hand-crafted and hand-packaged daily using select, premium ingredients to ensure exceptional quality. They have a 7 month shelf life. Orders are baked and packaged after the order is placed, so they will have the entire 7 month shelf life when shipped. Orders take 2-4 weeks to ship.