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Perfect Line Brush

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An easy way to apply your eyeliner with a straight version eyeliner brush. Eyeliner will go on nice and straight without the angle to create lined eyes on both top and bottom. Can be used with wet or dry eyeliner.


Handmade brown faux bristles that are so soft, you'll become obsessed with doing your makeup. All brushes are made with a matte black wooden handle that gives it a high-quality I-know-what-I'm-doing-with-my-makeup feel. You're guaranteed a smooth and seamless application every time.

Brush Features




Brown Faux

Odor and dye free when washed

Great For

eyeliner (wet or dry)

Black Charcoal Liner

How To Use

Take tip of brush and dip in wet eyeliner product. Place pinky finger of the hand you are applying product with and set it on cheekbone for a more steady hand. Start at inner corner of eye and gently slide the brush along lash line in little strokes, connecting them for a straight line.

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Minimum $175
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Clean beauty made simple. One of our core missions it to share the importance of spreading kindness and love to all. We believe we can’t serve others to the best of our ability until, individually, we are our best selves. We are also strong believers in ingredient knowledge. In a market where products are “green-washed” and promoted to be “natural”, we stand by our ingredients. We don’t believe a product is truly natural or clean unless each of its ingredients is. This is where the name “withSimplicity” comes in. We believe finding products that are healthy for you should be simple - no gimmicks, no hidden ingredients, no confusing product names. We keep it simple so that you can live your healthiest and most beautiful life.