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Personalized Budding Branch Bracelet

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Dainty and Feminine

Personalize this beautiful bracelet with a sparkling birthstone that was formed using a cast made from delicate budding branches.  Malleable and will fit most wrists.

- Brass
- 0.75” Wide
- 2” Diameter


• January--garnet
• February--amethyst 
• March--aquamarine
• April--cubic zirconia
• May--emerald
• June--alexandrite
• July--ruby
• August--peridot
• September--sapphire.
• October--tourmaline
• November--topaz
• December--blue zircon

Also, please allow 14 days for item to ship.

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Nancy Nelson Jewelry is a jewelry brand with a mission to connect women to nature through jewelry that is timelessly elegant, bohemian and rooted in love. In every Nancy Nelson piece, we strive to capture and celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our process combines century old techniques like lost wax casting, hand beading, and wire wrapping to create a modern bohemian style with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Our pieces are created to make you feel empowered, inspired, renewed, grounded and beautiful.
Personalized Budding Branch Bracelet