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Have you ever done the 12-step yoga movement called a sun salutation? In Hindu culture, this movement is known as Sūrya Namaskāra and is done each morning to show respect for the sun. Surya is the primary name given to the Hindu sun god, which is worshipped around the world for warming our planet, giving us light, and growing our food crops. Sunshine brings us life. This gorgeously designed pin represents the sunshine that has grown the rice that was hand-delivered to a family in need in India on your behalf! Wear it with pride.


When you wear this pin, you can point to it and say, "This pin provided 12 bowls of rice like this to a family in need." 12 bowls (or meals) of rice equals 1 kilo (2.2 lbs). Indians typically eat rice three meals per day. This will last the average family of 4 people, 3 days. For every 25 pins that are purchased, 25 kilos of rice are given. 25 kilos will provide a typical family with about a month of rice! Buying this pin feeds families! 


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Rice Love

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Kahuku, HI
Rice Love was born out of our passion to do good for people and the planet. We design tote bags and backpacks utilizing eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials. For every item we make, we hand-deliver a kilo of rice to a family in need. We are committed to showing you the proof. Every item comes with a unique tag number that can be used to find the photo and story of the family that YOU have fed. When you buy our bags, you are raising your hand in support in the fight to end of global hunger and improving the planet. We have given over 50,000 kilos of rice. There are an equal number of wanderers wearing our bags and sharing our story around the world. Our goal is to give 1 million kilos of rice by the end of 2024. We invite you to join the movement. Buy a bag. Feed a family.