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Pocket Notepads, Made from Test Prints

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Specs: 3x4.5", 65 blank pages

We have the prettiest trash! And we just can't throw it away. So instead we've saved all our test prints from the year and made them into the cutest, unique-like-you notepads. No two are alike!

This listing is for gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mini notepads made from the test prints of our greeting cards and postcards. Please note the following guidelines for this product:

-Every notepad is different. At this time, we cannot honor specific requests. 

-Inventory depends on our print schedule so we'll fulfill as long as we have the supplies to do so. Otherwise, we'll remove from you order and issue a refund.

-This item does not come with a protective, plastic sleeve.

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Meshwork Press

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Pittsburgh, PA
We believe in the power of printmaking as an agent of change. When not running the presses to create our line of paper goods or for a custom project for a client, Meshwork Press partners with the Wilkinsburg Youth Project (WYP) and the Braddock Youth Project (BYP) to provide year round art, design & printmaking programming. We are committed to empowering youth with access to resources so that they can grow their creative talents and use them to build the future. Meshwork Press was founded by artist and teacher, Haylee Ebersole in 2018 to create a space to teach her love of art and printmaking to youth in the neighborhood. She was joined by Kyrie Bushaw, with a background in stationery, design and business management in June 2019. Together they make up the heart and head, brains and brawn of this streetside studio in Wilkinsburg, PA.