Premium Brushed Fleece Watch Cap Warm Beanie

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  • Premium Brushed Fleece Warm Beanies

  • Inspired By the US Military Tactical Caps

  • Hunting, Hiking, Outdoor Sports, Exercise or just to keep you warm - there is no limit to the uses for this beanie

  • Does not lose its shape (even after years of abuse) and does not cause headaches

  • Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable, Warm and Super Versatile

  • Unisex - One Size Fits Most


This unique Tactical Fleece Watch cap is inspired by military gear, bringing you from cold and annoyed to warm and stylish.

Hunting, Hiking, Outdoor Sports, Cycling, Camping, Skiing, Paint Ball, Exercise or just to keep you warm - there is no limit to the uses for this beanie.

Our durable beanie does not lose its shape (even after years of abuse) and does not cause headaches. The Anti-Peeling super fine Fleece, won’t absorb water and stays warm even when it gets wet.

Lightweight, Comfortable, Warm and Super Versatile - This beanie is a great way to stay comfortable while stylish at the same time!

Great gift for any age and occasion.


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Temple Tape athletics

Minimum $250
Brooklyn, NY
Temple Tape athletics was founded by 3 brothers in Brooklyn, NY, this is their story. Growing up, there was no great sweatband on the market. Terry cloth bands were pretty much the only option & they never worked very well, they’d get saturated with water losing all shape and got super heavy, it was counterproductive, it did more harm than good. The Zaga brothers (along with many others in the neighborhood) used to cut the sleeves off of old T-Shirts and use them as sweatbands. The T-Shirt sleeve worked well, but it didn’t absorb enough and lost its shape. Not to mention, Mrs. Zaga (mom) was not on board with this idea at all. Throughout the years they all got married (and started gaining weight). Isaac started jogging home from work (to counteract the weight gain). One hot day he got fed-up with the sweat dripping down his face, this time Isaac was in a position to do something about it. Temple Tape was born at 4 am during a late-night feeding of Isaac's infant daughter; he used that time to communicate with fabric manufacturers overseas, every night. Isaac researched and sampled different fabric blends from around the world for about a year. We placed our first order of 10,000 sweatbands, which at the time seemed like an endless amount of inventory. To date, Temple Tape athletics has manufactured close to half a million sweatbands and along the way, we added other game-changing sports gear to our lineup... and we still use the same ripped T-Shirt sleeve design from our childhood, only now with our Temp-Dry fabric & more refined design. There’s no doubt that our childhood molded our future. In the past year's Temple Tape sponsored several youth programs, and we will continue to do so moving forward. We attribute every ounce of our success in giving back to the community. We solved the ‘sweat’ problem when we were very young. We know that there’s a young kid out there with a much bigger idea, and we made it our mission to be there to support them in making the world a better place.
Premium Brushed Fleece Watch Cap Warm...