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Premium Leather iPad Air 10.5 Case

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Save 60% on our redesigned and reimagined iPad Air 10.5 case  that is brimming with innovation. Click to find out what makes this Folio so good. For 10.5 Air. (Under 20 pcs left)



  • The last case you'll have to buy for your 10.5" Apple tablet. Guaranteed.
  • Works with all 10.5 iPad models
  • Find the 10.5 Keyboard Compatible Folio Case here 
  • Premium, vegetable dyed, ultra "soft hand" ethically sourced leathers
  • Hand crafted, one at a time, as an individual expression of the leather making art
  • Authentic, unfinished, real distressed Vintage brown hides
  • Contrasting white stitching highlights the industry's highest build quality
  • Innovative polymer tray will never wear out and never needs to be replaced
  • Frameless design creates the appearance of your 10.5" floating in the case
  • Tray material is impact absorbent and provides excellent corner protection 
  • "Infinite Angle" adjustability from near 90 to near 20 degrees
  • Cover can be folded back onto itself like a magazine (We recommend doing it slowly so the materials are allowed to stretch naturally).
  • Smart cover technology with auto on/ off feature (pre- 2019 10.5 models only)
  • Completely padded, black ultra suede interior provides 100% distraction free experience
  • Elegant magnetic case closure
  • Full camera integration
  • 10.25" x 7.25" x .5" /  8 oz. 
  • Magnetic Accessory System (MAS)-
  • Choose from 4 optional, attachable / detachable Accessories:
  • Apple Pencil Holder - Holds Apple Pencil or similar sized stylist
  • Cable Pouch - Holds all your iPad cables, adapters, ear buds, etc.
  • Paper Holder - Holds 4-6 sheets
  • Business Card Holder - Holds up to a dozen cards
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy / $5.05 Flat Rate U.S. Shipping
  • International Customers: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 10-4 PST - 760 729 0620

What Problems Does This 10.5 iPad Air Case Solve? 

  • Provides a quality way to protect / transport your 10.5" and accessories
  • Will last at least as long as you own the tablet
  • Feel good knowing you've chosen a product made from ethically sourced leather
  • No need to keep buying case after case due to poor quality
  • Meets your need for a professional, well made, durable, protective and aesthetically pleasing case
  • Options allow you to customize the case to meet your needs

Is This the Best iPad Air 10.5 Case For Me?

If you're tired of buying case after case on amazon or similar sites only to have them quickly fall apart or are tired of spending hours searching for a quality cover then this Air 10.5-inch case is for you. If you're ready for an intelligently designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad cases available everywhere else, this is the Folio you’re looking for.

Not sure what size iPad you have? Click here to find out how to measure an iPad for a case.


  • Dimensions - 10.5  - 10.25" x 7.25" x .5" /  8 oz. 


iPad Air 10.5 Leather Case - Design Review

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products. For this interview, we are speaking to MacCase President Michael Santoro about the new MacCase iPad Air 10.5 case for Apple's latest mid-sized tablet. 

JKD- First I have to ask, did you see a new 10.5 model coming?

MS: When Apple launched the 11" Pro last October, there was a lot of speculation about what would happen to the 10.5. Would it disappear entirely or morph into something else? So they updated the chipset, the screen and brought back the "Air" moniker to create this new 10.5 model. 

JKD: The previous MacCase 10.5 Folio used a frame around the screen to hold the iPad in place. The new design replaces the frame with a tray. Are there benefits using one over the other? 

MS: Despite the fact the new Air model has a bezel and a home button like the model it replaces, we switched to the tray design for the new case for a number of customer driven reasons. 

First of all, the case has to function. It has to protect the iPad. This is always the first priority. The old frame didn't provide any real protection. The protection came from the MacCase "offset design" where the case corners and edges absorb any impacts before reaching the actual iPad itself. While this has it's limits it did serve our customers well for 8 years. 

For the new iPad Pro 10.5 leather case, we kept the "offset design" and then combined that with these beautiful polymer trays that hold the iPad securely in place.

Inside the New iPad Air 10.5 inch Leather Case

The tray is flexible and heat sensitive. This insures they'll never crack like the hard plastic shells. Their flexibility allows them to adapt. The tray material is excellent at absorbing impacts to both corners and edges, two areas the old frame did not excel at protecting. 

The new model has the proven protection of our "offset design" combined with an impact absorbing material that surrounds the iPad on it's three most venerable sides. We've gone from good to great when it comes to protection. 

Moreover the tray allows for about 70 degrees of angle adjustability. This is a real breakthrough in Apple tablet case design. Again, the material that makes up the tray interacts with the ultra suede liner to the point where the iPad can be held from near 90 degrees to around 20 degrees and at every angle in between. It's wonderful because it fits into almost every situation a customer might want to use the case in. 

Lastly, the old frame design was getting harder and harder to produce as the bezel around the screens are getting smaller and smaller. If the frame was off by even 1mm, if could block the edge of the screen causing issues. The tray solves this problem as well as it leave the screen's surface completely open and unencumbered. 

So the new tray design is more protective, expands functionality and removes any future quality, user interface issues now and going forward. The new 10.5 Folio is a revolutionary step forward. 

iPad Air 10.5 Case with Pencil Holder

JKD: The new leather case for the iPad Air 10.5 has a smooth front cover that features dual magnets. What happened to the Pencil Holder? 

MS: If you're going to talk about these new cases, you have to talk about the accessories. For years people have been asking for them.

They want to hold papers. They were bringing our old cases to meetings, getting document hand outs and had no place to put them. Or they were in an elevator and needed access to a business card and our old cases didn't have a place for that. 

There was no place to store the AC adapter or it's cable or a cleaning cloth. We looked at grafting pockets of one sort or another onto our cases and they all looked terrible. MacCase represents a certain level of aesthetic execution, a timelessness that we're very proud of. We were not going to throw that under the bus to create a place to store a cable or some business cards!

As I looked closer at coming up with a solution to these ongoing customer requests, I realized that a smooth front cover would allow for the 70 degrees of viewing angle I spoke of earlier. So the idea of sewing the Pencil holder to the front cover for the next generation of cases was dropped. 

I looked at the magnets we were using on our iPad Sleeves and had one of those "Eureka" moments designers live for. If I embedded some of these very powerful, very expensive magnets into the cover of the new Folios, we cold have the functionality that many customers have been asking for.

Not only that, customers who did not want any accessories would not be stuck with them sewn on nor have to pay for them if they did not want them. Its created a win-win for all our customers. 

JKD: I understand a lot of MacCase customers come to you after having bad experiences with other Apple tablet cases. Can you speak a bit about your experience in talking with these customers?

I'll ask them if they're tired of buying case after case on amazon or similar sites only to have them quickly fall apart. 

If so, they're ready for a intelligently designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad cases available everywhere else. This is the Folio you’re looking for. 

How to Install Your 10.5 iPad Air in a Case

JKD: Can you explain the process of putting the new 10.5 into the case?

MS: Right out of the box, when you open the folio and look at the tray inside, it can appear too small. Again, people might have used a hard plastic cover in the past which is just about the same size as the back of the tablet. 

Our tray is designed to stretch, grab and hold your 10.5 inch Apple tablet. This is what makes our polymer it such a great material for this job. That, and the fact it's excellent at absorbing impacts! 

Does it provide the same level of protection as some big, clip on box type case that holds the tablet? Of course not. But our customers are not looking for a off-roading, mud and muck, construction zone case. They are looking for the Rolls Royce, the S-Class Mercedes Maybach case. That is what we do. The case is protective but in a elegant, almost invisible way. 

When you go to install your 10.5 what you want to do first is tuck the upper left hand corner of the tablet into the upper left hand corner of the tray holding the top, outside edge of the tray to support it. 

Then push the tablet up and under the top lip of the tray running your finger from left to right along the edge sealing the edge of the tray against the aluminum edge of the tablet. Then, holding the lower left hand corner, run your finger down the right edge. You'll get a sense of who the materials works and how flexible it is. 

Lastly, slide you hand under the back of the tray and lightly coax the material forward, up and around so the lip of the tray comes up, over and locks the iPad into place. Then check the alignment of the edge of the tray with the edge of the tablet. If there are any waves, just run your finger along the edge to smooth it out and align them. If everything is aligned correctly, the tray will nearly disappear. 

If you find the edge of the tray puling away from the edge of the screen, you can run your finger along the edge to reseal it. Going from say, a very cold car into a warm house or office might cause the edge to move slightly. Don't panic. Running your finger along the edge should do the trick. 



Will my current generation 10.5 Air fit in an earlier generation Air case?

No. While the 7th generation of Apple’s 10.5 tablet is called "Air”, the 2018 model is not based on a previous version of the Air, but is a renamed 10.5 iPad Pro. Cases designed to fit the old 10.5 Pro, will fit this generation of the Air. Older cases designed for older Air models will not.

What is the best iPad Air 10.5 leather case?

The best iPad Air 10.5 leather case is the one that meets and exceeds your individual needs as a tablet user. Your needs should include how much protection you need, overall quality and durability of the leather, aesthetic appearance and does it function the way you need it to.

How long has MacCase been making iPad Air 10.5 leather cases?

MacCase has been making leather folio cases for the 10.5 inch tablet since they were first introduced. MacCase has been making cases for Apple tablets in general since they were first introduced in 2010.



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Premium Leather iPad Air 10.5 Case