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Premium Leather iPad Air 10.9 4th Gen Case

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The newest member of our Folio family, our iPad Air 4th gen 10.9 case has all the protection and innovation of it's larger siblings. For 2020 10.9 Air. 



  • The last case you'll have to buy for your 10.9 Apple tablet. Guaranteed.
  • Designed for the 2020 10.9 Air model
  • Premium, vegetable dyed, ultra "soft hand" ethically sourced leathers
  • Hand crafted, one at a time, as an individual expression of the leather making art
  • Authentic, unfinished, real distressed Vintage brown hides or
  • Classic, black satin pebble grain hides
  • Contrasting white stitching highlights the industry's highest build quality
  • Innovative polymer tray will never wear out and never needs to be replaced
  • Frameless design creates the appearance of your 10.9" floating in the case
  • Tray material is impact absorbent and provides excellent corner protection 
  • "Infinite Angle" adjustability from near 90 to near 20 degrees
  • Cover can be folded back onto itself like a magazine (We recommend doing it slowly so the materials are allowed to stretch naturally).
  • Smart cover technology with auto on/ off feature
  • Completely padded, black ultra suede interior provides 100% distraction free experience
  • Elegant magnetic case closure
  • Full camera integration
  • 10" x 7.75" x .5" /  8 oz. 
  • Magnetic Accessory System (MAS)-
  • Choose from 4 optional, attachable / detachable Accessories:
  • Apple Pencil Holder - Holds Apple Pencil or similar sized stylist
  • Cable Pouch - Holds all your iPad cables, adapters, ear buds, etc.
  • Paper Holder - Holds 4-6 sheets
  • Business Card Holder - Holds up to a dozen cards
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty  / 14 Day Return Policy / $5.05 Flat Rate U.S. Shipping
  • International Customers: Complete shipping costs and import duties will be shown at checkout. You will incur no further costs to receive your MacCase than those shown. 
  • Any questions? Call M-F 10-4 PST - 760 729 0620

What Problems Does This iPad Air 4th Gen Case Solve? 

  • Provides a quality way to protect / transport your 10.9" and accessories
  • Will last at least as long as you own the tablet
  • Feel good knowing you've chosen a product made from ethically sourced leather
  • No need to keep buying case after case due to poor quality
  • Meets your need for a professional, well made, durable, protective and aesthetically pleasing case
  • Options allow you to customize the case to meet your needs

Is This the Best iPad Air 10.9 Case For Me?

If you're tired of buying case after case on amazon or similar sites only to have them quickly fall apart or are tired of spending hours searching for a quality cover then this Air 10.9-inch case is for you. If you're ready for an intelligently designed, beautifully made, handcrafted alternative to the plethora of disposable, low quality iPad cases available everywhere else, this is the Folio you’re looking for.

Not sure what size iPad you have? Click here to find out how to measure an iPad for a case.


  • Dimensions - 10.9  - 10" x 7.75" x .5" /  8 oz. 


Leather iPad Air Case 10.9 - Design Review

The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products. For this interview, we are speaking to MacCase President Michael Santoro about the new MacCase iPad Air 4th Gen case for Apple's latest mid-sized tablet. 

JKD- Was there always going to be a new 4th generation iPad Air case?

MS: Honestly, no. When we started making folios for Apple tablets back in 2010, there was only one model. Wow that was so much easier! It's amazing how much this area of our business has grown. We have so many sizes and different generations of those sizes in play. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes. 

But we have always made a folio for the Air models. I believe we still have inventory to the older 10.5 AIr. So protecting the many versions of the Air is something that we've been a part of since the beginning. Since March of 2020 we have been so focused on getting the Pro models to waiting customers, we have not had the time to spend on designing a new iPad Air 4th gen case. 

JKD: Until now?

MS: Until now. 

JKD: What changed?

MS: Customers. Since our founding in 1998 when we the created of the Apple-specific case market, 2 things have driven us: Creating the absolute best products for protecting Apple portables and taking care of our customers. These are still two of our guiding principles. After 22 years these things remain. 

When Apple released the new 2020 4th generation Air, we were knee deep in getting our Pro models out to customers. Then the phone starting to ring.

"Are you guys going to do a case for the new 4th gen Air?"

"Will you be doing a folio for the new Air?"

"When will you case for the new 2020 Air be available?"

Customers Want the Best iPad Air Case 10.9

JKD: What was your reply?

MS: The reply changed with every call. The more calls that came in the more realistic and the more important it became to have a new iPad Air Gen 4 case in the lineup. To me it's really important to talk to customers, to stay connected to them and what they are looking for. 

What I kept hearing was how many had purchased low priced, low quality cases over the years and were tired of wasting their money. I used to ask potential customers when they would ask about our prices (relative to the inferior products on amazon) if they had purchased the cheapest tablet available. 

The reality was just the opposite. They had purchased the most expensive tablet on the planet. Yet they were complaining when someone made a case just as wonderful to protect it. With this new stream of inquiries about the 2020 Air, customers were telling me they were tired of buying junk. They wanted a case that was equal in quality to the Apple tablet they were going to or had just purchased. 

They weren't looking for a way to protect their new Apple tablet that was just alright or just ok. They were looking for the best iPad Air case for the 10.9 4th generation they could find and they came to MacCase. 

At that point, it becomes a crusade! You cannot let these people down. I started to put a plan together to get a new Air 10.9 case into production. The great thing about doing what we do and the way we do it is that, if the will is there, is doesn't take much to make something like this happen. In that way it's very exciting. 

Getting the New 10.9 Leather iPad Air Case into Production

JKD: How long did it take to go from the desire to make this model to green lighting the production? 

MS: Well that is one of the best things about how our company is structured. I would have liked it to have taken hours but it actually took a few days. 

JKD: A few days to go from, "I'd want to do this" to ordering the leather?

MS: Yes. We are very efficient in the way we do things. We have always been this way and I can see no reason to change. It works for us. The problem comes when we leave the cocoon of MacCase and venture out into the world and it's completely  inefficient. I have no patience left for the inefficiency of the rest of the world. That's probably not a good thing. (Laughing) 

JKD: So what can Air owners expect from this new 10.9 Folio model? 

MS: If they are coming from another brand, especially from one of the disposable cases sold on sites like amazon, they're are going to love it. The difference is going to be apparent before they even unwrap our new design. 

Low quality cases, even one pretending to be leather don't have the smell of our hides. We use a very expensive natural oil in our tanning process. This is what gives the leather that wonderful aroma. You just don't get this in a low quality case.

This tends make it's presence known before the folio is completely unpacked from the wrapping. You can smell the hides as you are unpacking it. It's a cool "hello" if you've not it before. 

Moreover, our hides feel like the quality that they are. Whether you choose our raw, unfinished vintage or classic pebble grain satin black, their soft and durable and feel wonderful in your hand. If customers are coming to us from one of the cheap alternatives, they're going to love the tactile, visceral experience that is part of owning a MacCase. This is also part of what keeps our long term customers coming back year after year. 

Inside the New 2020 Leather iPad Air Case 10.9-inch

JKD: What about features? 

MS: The new leather iPad Air case for the 10.9-inch has all the features, protection optional accessories that our Pro Folios have. 

Our innovative tray is flexible and heat sensitive. This insures it will never crack like the hard plastic shells. Their flexibility allows them to adapt. The tray material is excellent at absorbing impacts to both corners and edges. These are 2 main concerns for customers. 

The new model has the proven protection of our "offset design" combined with an impact absorbing material that surrounds the iPad on it's three most venerable sides. There is so much design and engineering content packed into such a small space.

We have over 10 years experience designing, engineering and building the best in iPad protection. When you combine this with the over 20 years of designing, engineering and building the best in Apple laptop protection, no one has more experience in doing what we do in this space. 

In addition to the protection, the new design allows for about 70 degrees of angle adjustability. This is a real breakthrough in Apple tablet case design. We do it without the ugly grooves that plague so many competitors models. 

Again, the material that makes up the tray interacts with the ultra suede liner to the point where the iPad can be held from near 90 degrees to around 20 degrees and at every angle in between. It's wonderful because it fits into almost every situation a customer might want to use the case in. 

JKD: The MacCase Magnetic Accessory System has been a huge success. Will the new 4th generation Air case have these options available too?

MS: If you're going to talk about these new cases, you have to talk about the options. This is another area that sets MacCase apart. What other company completely reinvents the Apple tablet case like we have then turns around and offers a design free of all of that innovation? 

Most product planners would think I am crazy. That's how I know I am headed in the right direction. 

iPad Air 4th Gen Case with Pencil Holder

JKD: Can you expand on this?

MS: For years customers have been asking for features that many other manufacturers have slowly added to tablet cases. Things like a place for business cards, papers, a pocket for the charging cable have been high on the list for quite some time. 

The problem was how to do it in an elegant yet functional way. Almost all of the cases out there that had these features were bulky, clunky, unsightly and and aesthetic mess. In other words, they were not MacCase's. 

If we were going to add these features we had to do it in a way that was functional and beautiful. The solution needed to be elegant. And it is. Take the Pencil case for example. For years we had sewn the Pencil case to the front cover. It alway bothered me for a number of reasons. 

To be able to add the Pencil case to the our new 10.9-inch Air case on a whim and remove it just was easily is true innovation. It works for me as the designer looking for a breakthrough and it works brilliantly for the customer. 

But after all of that innovating I decided to offer a version of the folio completely devoid of the Magnetic Accessory System altogether. I had spent a really long time solving the problem of adding functionality and then put is aside to create something different but just as good. This is the pure versions of the case. A clean, aesthetically timeless expression executing in the best materials for the best tablet. 

We expand the customer base for the product while at the same time we're not forcing anyone to make a purchase they are not absolutely thrilled with. That's the MacCase way. 



What is the best iPad Air 10.9 case?

The best iPad Air 10.9 case is the one that meets and exceeds your individual needs as a tablet user. Your needs should include how much protection you need, overall quality and durability of the leather, aesthetic appearance and does it function the way you need it to.

How long has MacCase been making leather iPad Air cases?

MacCase has been making leather folio cases for the Apple Air tablets since they were first introduced. MacCase has been making cases for Apple portables since they invented the market in 1998 with a briefcase for the original iBook. 


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