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Product 05 - Advanced Lip Balm

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Think of Advanced Lip Balm as a brilliant toast to the health of your lips. Made with earth-friendly ingredients to protect you in all your favorite lip activities, or simply to help you look fantastic while minding your own business. It’s nourishing, soothing, hydrating… everything lips need to keep themselves happy.

  • Non-shiny, non-waxy, unscented
  • No parabens, no color, reef safe, hypoallergenic 

3.4g / .12oz

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Minimum $100
Lawrence, NY
Stryx is on a mission to help guys be their most confident and comfortable selves. So, we became the first company ever to conceive, from start to finish, what cosmetic and skin care products would be – if they were made for men. We believe that formulation, design, packaging, branding and education all matter in this process. Our growing line of unique, celebrated products is the validation of our success. 65% of our customers are first time cosmetic users, opening up the cosmetics category to an entirely new consumer group.
Product 05 - Advanced Lip Balm