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Purple Granny Elderberry Fire Cider

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Tangy, complex, and sweet, our Purple Granny Elderberry Fire Cider is apple cider vinegar infused with elderberries, honey, and 6 super root vegetables grown here at the farm. With all ingredients in balance, you'll taste a complex, invigorating and exciting burst of flavor.

Purple Granny gets its name from the infused elderberries ("purple") and the Granny Smith variety of apple used to create the vinegar base ("granny"). Fire Cider is a traditional plant-based vinegar tonic with many decades of history here in the US. During the 2010s, Shire City Herbals made, and widely distributed, their version of Fire Cider in an amber bottle with a hand-drawn kraft brown label.

We draw on these influences, and our own New England farm's produce, to create this super food, slowly fermenting the ingredients. It takes multiple years to bring a batch to you. The ingredients are (all organic and raw):

Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Elderberries, Ginger, Turmeric, Horseradish, Onion, Garlic, Hot Peppers.


- Certified Organic

- Slowly and naturally fermented and infused

- Traditional functional food of the United States and beyond

- Balanced burst of flavor useful in many recipes

Ways to Use Purple Granny:

- as a straight shot in a wellness routine

- as a salad dressing

- as a mixer in a mocktail or cocktail, or simply added to a juice or seltzer

- drizzled on roasted vegetables, especially potatoes

- as a replacement for vinegar in sauce recipes, including barbeque sauce, ketchups and salsas

What Makes Purple Granny Unique:

We only include ingredients which we can grow. This reduces our carbon footprint and increases our control over the ingredients. We took three years to develop our technique and recipe, starting with the Granny Smith apple cider, fermenting it to the perfect vinegar, growing the vegetables, and creating a food-safe, alive and rich food which tastes fantastic.

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Purple Granny Elderberry Fire Cider