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Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

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After countless requests for a spicy or pepper jam, we are pleased to offer our Raspberry Jalapeno Jam. On the lower end of our pepper jams, this preserve allows the sweet and tarty raspberry to come through before you get a little zing on your tongue that lets you know the jalapenos are there without being overpowering. As a topping for some cream cheese, as a swirl in your greek yogurt or even a glaze applied on a pork loin 10 minutes before being done, you could drive yourself nuts finding new and creative uses for this versatile and delectable jam.

Our delicious raspberry jalapeno jam starts with only fresh picked raspberries that were hand selected and cleaned. The recipe uses only fresh raspberries, fresh jalapenos, pure cane sugar, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this balanced combination that lends itself to be perfectly paired with just about anything where a sweet and hot flavor is desired.


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Pacifica, CA
It all started with a blackberry jam about six years ago... As a buyer for a prominent food ingredient distributor, I see a fair amount of product come through my hands with samples galore. About three years ago, while evaluating a frozen fruit supplier, I asked for a sample of their frozen blackberries expecting to get a pound or so shipped to my attention. What showed up at my doorstep was a 50 lb box with more than I knew what to do with or store for an extended period of time. Without wanting the fruit to go to waste, I quickly jumped on the internet to find ideas. I settled on a jam recipe and went to work making my first batch. Three years and many batch/flavor combinations passed along to a trusted panel of taste testers made up of family, friends and friends of friends later, I'm proud to bring you the Small Batch Jam Co. Being in the food industry, I am no stranger to food safety regulations. Although the CA Cottage Food Permit would have been a safe place to start, I wanted to reach a broader customer base than what this permit allowed. The Small Batch Jam Co. is an FDA registered sole proprietorship in the city of Pacifica, CA operating out of a licensed and permitted commercial kitchen certified by the San Mateo County Health System and audited by food inspectors at regular intervals. In order to operate in the commercial kitchen, I hold my Food Safety Managers Certificate along with a food liability insurance plan that I hope to never need. Your safety is my utmost concern. "Our promise to you is that our small batches of all natural, hand-made fruit preserves are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from fresh fruit stands, farmers markets and hardworking growers while using the same home-style cooking and canning techniques that your grandma used. But don't worry, we won't tell her you like ours better... Enjoy!!"