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Regenerative Elixir | Antioxidant Daytime Oil

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An uplifting morning routine to start your day, the Forest to Face® way. 

Hydrate your skin with this exquisite, feather-light, multifunctional elixir. Rosehip helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and promotes cell regeneration. Antioxidant-rich Damascus Rose restores and protects, leaving you a gorgeous radiance. .5 fl oz


🌿 Quenches the skin without leaving an oily finish ↠ Our U.S Sonoran desert grown jojoba is shockingly similar to the skin’s natural sebum 

🌿 Works wonders on all skin types ↠ It will quench dry and mature skin while stabilizing oil production and bacteria on acne-prone skin.

🌿 Doubles as eau de cologne  Dab the elixir around the neck & wrists for an uplifting bouquet that will leave you feeling elegant.  

🌿 Aroma profile: Reminiscent of a sunshine filled flower garden. 

🌿 Available in a larger, REFILL size


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Benefits Forest to Face®

Jojoba’s golden nature, rose’s antioxidant content, and rosehip seed oil’s youth enhancing abilities culminate beautifully into a peaceful and uplifting face moisturizer & eau de cologne.

⟡ Jojoba oil: Grown and pressed from a family farm in the US Sonoran Desert, jojoba oil mimics the body’s natural sebum more so than any other oil out there. ⟡ Locks in moisture and absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores. ⟡ Evens skin tone and leaves a radiant & healthy glow.

⟡ Rosehip seed oil: Rich in Vitamin A, C, E and essential fatty acids. This powerhouse helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, and works to lessen the appearance of scarring by promoting cell regeneration. You are left with a smooth and supple skin texture.

⟡ Rose: Rich in antioxidants, this delicate flower is here to help you have all the fun in the sun — its high levels of antioxidants work to protect you from free radical damage. ⟡ Tonifies and restores your skin to its natural beauty, while imparting a calming aroma. 

⟡ Marula oil: This “miracle oil” has the remarkable ability to drive moisture deep into the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Read more about how an antioxidant-rich elixir can help minimize signs of aging.

Ingredients ⧚ Minimalism

↟ Ingredients responsibly sourced from perennial plants and tree crops → Your skin care choices can help to reverse climate change.

Certified Organic: jojoba, rosehip, and marula oils, essential oils of: Cananga odorata, Pelargonium spp, Lavandula angustifolia, Rosa damascena.

Uses Multifunctional

⚘ As morning hydration + protection from the elements: Release about 10 drops of oil into the hands and gently massage on the face and neck. Dry and mature skin can re-apply throughout the day as needed. Oily and combination skin, use once daily.

⚘ As an eau de cologne: Dab a few drops on the inside of your wrists and around the neck as often as desired.

Is this product for you?

This product is suitable for all skin types that are keen to enrich and nourish themselves with climate-reversing botanicals.

⚘ For dry + mature skin: Nutrient dense oils will deeply nourish, soften and smooth out the skin through healthy collagen production.

⚘ For oily + combination skin: Use once a day. Rose is a known anti-inflammatory, and jojoba oil is a light oil that will nourish and balance your skin’s oil production without leaving a greasy feeling.

Beyond Organic Regenerative Lifestyle

Anato goes beyond organic by utilizing perennial plants and tree crops that sequester more carbon than annual crops. We use renewable resources that can regenerate year after year. 

But sustainability is not just about the planet, it’s also about the people. So we work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure our ingredients are sourced ethically. 

Our main ingredients come from the US, while others come from where they grow best. All from regenerative farms.

What is regenerative farming? Learn how regenerative agriculture is setting out to reverse climate change with this 3 minute read.

※ Tree planted with every purchase ↠ Global warming is so hot right now - let’s cool it down together?

※ Repurpose the bottle ↠ Order a refill size to reuse the bottle and pipette.  Or pick a wildflower and voilà- you have a bud vase. Alternatively, clean out the bottle and use it to store liquids, like oils or vinegars, for your travels. 

※ Recycle the parts ↠ The vial is recyclable with curbside recycling in most areas - though double check with local regulations. The glass pipette, rubber bit, and plastic cap should be properly recycled through terracycle. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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By creating minimally processed and packaged personal care products sourced from the forest, we increase individual's well-being and cultivate care for the planet. At Anato, we go beyond organic — our ingredients come from trees, a renewable resource that sequesters carbon. Our packaging is either bare, re-usable or backyard compostable enabling users to kick-start their Zero Waste Voyage and start a journey towards reducing their plastic footprint.
Regenerative Elixir | Antioxidant Day...