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Rib Knit Socks

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It is nice to wear the softest and warmest socks when you wake up in the morning, keeping every step you take cozy and toasty. These are the ultimate socks to keep your feet warm on cold days and nights. So soft and supple it will help cushion your soles. Made for your comfort and joy.

*Product color may vary due to lighting. Please refer to the simple studio shots for the most accurate color

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      Gobi Cashmere USA

      Minimum $350
      Gardena, CA
      GOBI Cashmere supplies domestically and globally, providing the most exquisite and luxurious experience in cashmere. We have been proudly making 100% cashmere products from noble fiber taken straight from Mongolian herders’ pasture met with modern technology. It is our utmost point of pride that we bring cruelty-free, responsibly-made, finest quality and the most affordable pieces to you. With over 40 years of cashmere manufacturing experience, becoming the "World #1 Cashmere coat company®"and is the only company that produces solely cashmere garments at volumes made possible with years of passion and experience. Sustainable, ethical, responsible, affordable and quality cashmere products to everyone around the world.