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Our Smudge Sticks emit a fresh evergreen scent and are a robust way to clear and purify energy in large spaces.

Sourced from the high desert mountains of Southern California, our white sage Smudge Sticks are grown and hand-wrapped by members of a family owned and operated farm. 

The practice of using Smudge Sticks or "Smudging" originates from Native American culture. When Smudging, we honor the Earth, the white sage, and the Native American sacred ceremonies from which it stems.

  • To cleanse and purify negative energy
  • Due to the size of smoke generated, ideal for use in large or open spaces
  • Ideal for cleansing rooms, office space and homes

Light the Smudge Stick for 10-15 seconds. When smoke appears, circulate the Smudge Stick around the space you'd like to cleanse in a figure eight manner. Upon completion, set the Smudge Stick in a holder and let it burn out or dip it in water. Consider returning the ash back to the earth.


Small is approximately 4" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Large is approximately 5" x 1.75" x 1.75"

Both Small and Large Smudge Sticks are packaged in our black rice paper bags.

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We believe that everyone is worthy of being their best self. There are no prerequisites. You don’t need to cleanse your aura, have had a tarot reading, or know exactly when your sixth house is in Capricorn. All you need is curiosity and an open mind. Why Before Noon? Each day reaches its apex around lunchtime, otherwise known as “high noon.” Afterwards, the day becomes a frenzied race to the finish line. We’ve created Before Noon not to add another step in your morning to-do list, but to find a moment of calm in your week or your day - a space just for you. We provide the tools to cleanse, ground and unburden your mind so that you can discover your unlimited potential, navigate the shit life throws at you, and just make yourself feel better. Reward yourself with better feels. Explore all that can happen Before Noon.