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Our match bottles and vials are individually filled with the wooden match color of your choice. Products are finished with a cork or cap seal and an adhesive match striker.


Strike a Match Safely:

Remove a match from the vial/bottle. Close the vial/bottle with cork or cap. Hold the match with your dominant hand. Swiftly strike the head of the match on the phosphorous match striker and away from your body. These fancy matches are for single use. They are not strike anywhere wooden matches. Please dispose of properly after the flame has gone out.



o   Small Vials – Height 2.55 inches | Width .87 inches 

o   Medium Vials - Height 2.50 inches | Width 1.18 inches

o   Sea Glass Bottle - Height 3.7 inches | Width 1.80 inches

o   Apothecary Bottle - Height 5.7 inches | Width 2.6 inches

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Enlighten the Occasion Logo

Enlighten the Occasion

Minimum $150
Bothell, WA
Hello! I am Summer, the Owner/Creator of Enlighten the Occasion. We specialize in fancy color tip matches with bright and fun colors that put a smile on your face and bring joy and enlightenment to every occasion! I live in the suburb of Mill Creek. I have 2 amazing kids and a wonderful, supportive husband. I love to show my creativity with colorful products. I started out in this space 5 years ago with making candles. I wanted to add in a fun accessory and add a pop of color with my candles that my customers ordered. I came across these cute little corked vials and color tip matches that fit in them perfectly, they gave my candle packaging a finishing touch and my customers LOVED them. Following extensive research, I discovered how I could offer these fancy matches as an affordable and fun gift to my customers consisting of visitors to my shop, party planners, corporate event curators, and gift box creators to include in their boutiques, stores or events. From there it has grown into our most popular product. With this product, I have grown the business to the point of taking on my very first employee and this is her first job….my daughter and it has been a very wonderful and bonding experience. Brand Motivation/Inspiration: Creating happiness with bright fun colors that put a smile on your face and bring joy and enlightenment to every occasion.