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Sea Turtle Sticker: Animal Guide Collection

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Part of the Animal Guide/ Animal Symbol Sticker Series

The Sea Turtle shows up in ancient folklore in many cultures. Below are common threads of what this beautiful animal symbolizes:

- Patience, wisdom, endurance: the sea turtle moves slowly on land but its motions are persistent and determined
- In Chinese and Hindu cultures there are images of turtles carrying our planet on its back. If you feel connected to the turtle you may also carry your home on your back and feel at ease wherever you are.
- Good luck
- A symbol of peace and harmony
- Slow but deliberate: you consider all your options before making a decisions and aren't prone to impulsive or emotional decisions. You may feel like you move more slowly than those around you, like you’re behind in life, but that deliberateness gets you far and the decisions your make stick!

All the stickers in the Animal Guide series are dishwasher safe for tumblers, safe for outdoor use and scratch resistant.

Hand painted sea turtle vinyl sticker with gold foil elements.
Measurements: 4"x 4"

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Sea Turtle Sticker: Animal Guide Coll...