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Self-care Weekly Planner

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This self-care planner prioritizes wholeness over productivity!

25 pages= 25 weeks of planning or half a year.

Desktop notepad planner comes in an A4 size with 25 pages for 25 weeks of planning. Organize all your to-do’s, keep track of important habits like exercise, healthy meals, reaching out to loved ones while reminding you to set aside time for self- care, gratitude and reflection. This planner has it all. A perfect gift for the “to- do list maker” in your life that ensures a healthy balance is maintained in the pursuit of productivity.

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The Salvaged Sawhorse

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Ridgewood, NY
The Salvaged Sawhorse is the place for self-care and self-love products. I create and illustrate affirmation cards and self - care decks, wellness planners and home decor that invite you lead a life of intention, self-love and connection. As a first-gen Latinx artist, I strive to make wellness tools that are accessible so you can find many of them in Spanish!