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Self in Naked Printed Silk-Satin Slip Dress

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100% mulberry silk
Our printed silk-satin Slip is made from 19 momme 100% premium mulberry silk, a material that is both ultra-soft and hypoallergenic.

*Due to the delicate nature of silk material, there is no stretch for our pieces. It is highly recommended to size up, especially if you are between sizes.

About this Collection: 

Carla Llanos x CLOROOM

Carla Llanos ( @carlallanosillustrations )
is a Chilean artist based in the UK. Her works vary from abstract paintings to illustrations using a digital medium and they are inspired by fashion, interiors, interesting shapes but most importantly confident and powerful women.

Self in Naked Collection is created to inspire every woman to enjoy a cozy day at home alone. Be Naked, Be truthful, Be Comfortable — Just you and yourself.



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Minimum $500
Anaheim, CA
We’re Yumin and Lan, the founders of Cloroom. Together, we designed each and every one of our 100% silk sleepwear pieces with you in mind. It all started when we sparked a friendship, became lifelong friends and later in life, had an idea. We loved shopping together throughout our teenage years and expanded our love for fashion through our education as we reached adulthood. One night, we were casually talking and the topic of sleepwear was brought up. We both agreed that it is difficult to find loungewear that is high quality yet fun and even stylish. That’s when the idea for Cloroom was born. If you think about it, we all spend a lot of time wearing our pajamas. Nearly half of our entire day! Because of this, we believe you should feel beautiful, fashionable and comfortable in your sleepwear. That’s why all of our products are made with the finest 100% mulberry silk. Why mulberry silk? Mulberry silk is made of protein fiber which makes it comfortable for those with even the most sensitive of skin. Even more, mulberry silk is a light and airy fabric that can soothe various kinds of skin irritation. It’s one of the reasons why silk is so good for the skin. We’re also dedicated to producing our sleepwear designs in a way that does not harm the earth. Mulberry silk is eco-friendly and has low carbon impact. Our collections embrace slow fashion as they are all made in small quantities, never over produced. We put a lot of planning, work and heart into each collection we design. That is why we only produce 4 collections with less than 50 products each year. This aligns with our mission to create products that are made with high quality silk and designed to last. To make maintenance easy for you, a majority of our mulberry silk designs are machine washable (with precautions, of course) so you don’t have to worry about making an extra trip to the dry cleaner. We take pride in all that we do and hope you love your silk sleepwear as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. But we don’t want to stop at sleepwear. We have aspirations to create our own line of home fragrances, candles and more so you can relax, recharge and simply be in a space that is all yours. Which silk design will you choose? All the best, - Yumin & Lan
Self in Naked Printed Silk-Satin Slip...